As the Clock Ticks

Has it ever been so quiet in a room where you can hear the clock ticking? It seems like it makes the time move even slower as you watch the hand tick tick tick all the way around. It can put you in a trance and make you block out things around you. SL happens to be that clock that you can turn on and focus on and block out things going on around you. You could even reverse that and say that no matter how horrid things may be going in SL, you can always turn it off and go back into RL and ignore it. This hasn’t been more true than this past week. You can show people the truth or give them the answers to whatever they seek, but ignorance gets in the way. I am guilty of this and I can admit it, but what about those who can’t. Those who do not know when to stop and think before crazy words come out of their mouths. Maybe promises are made that can’t be kept, or maybe people spread rumors based on nothing but some story they made up in their own heads. These are the things that SL is made of. How sad is that? The absolute best thing to do when people grow ignorant is to just turn off the computer and walk away. A valuable lesson learned this past week. All of these scenarios happened this week, which made for a very aggravating week here. Just reminds me where my big X on my screen is and makes me dive into other things with more gusto than I normally give. Take away energy from one thing and push it towards another. That will begin to happen a little more and I hope you are all ready for this since my time is a tad more free than usual. 🙂 TOOTLES!


Skin– Lara Hurley- Scarlett in Midtone

Eyes– IKON- Hope Eyes in Nymph

Hair– Exile- Check Out Time @ Collabor88

Dress– -tres blah- – Darling dress in green @ Collabor88

Shoes– Essenz- Monaco heels (med slink feet) @ Vintage and Cool Fair

Pose– (marukin)- Motelier @ Collabor88 

House– Scarlet Creative- Cabin in the Forest @ Collabor88 

Clock– floorplan.- Railroad clock in nikel @ Collabor88 


Pumpkin Patch

A pumpkin patch visit is just what I wanted to do today in RL but it is raining. 😦 Honestly, I would rather have the rain instead of the snow that I know will be coming. I even had to put a fire on last night. BUR! Other than the rain in RL, Sl has actually been light and carefree. There is always a moment when you might feel like things are down and horrible and maybe even some shock? Sometimes those things can be a blessing in disguise. Boy has that been true this week. So for my weekly reflection… looking forward to the future and the doors that will be opening. For the time being, I will be strolling through the pumpkin patch. Go shopping for some fall clothing and join me! 🙂 Tootles



Skin– Lara Hurley- Scarlett in Midtone

Eyes– IKON- Hope Eyes in Nymph

Hair– TRUTH- Neria (includes horns) @ Mystic Realms Faire

Dress– *Preptopia*- Fall Dark @ Designer Circle 

Shoes– Essenz- London @ Vintage and Cool Fair

SimMatoluta Sanctuary (Allows you to rez)