Too much this week

Weekly Tea Party

This week needs to end and I am so happy it is Friday! I can’t really explain in full why this week was horrible but just a few top things…. My dad had a heart attack on Monday, so I have not been around. I did have a few blogs ready to go already which I could post when I randomly was able to get on; however, my computer died on Wednesday as soon as I was going to post my next blog. I went to purchase a new computer and have just now gotten it set up to where I can post a blog. I ended up losing all of my photos that I had previously done so… starting over is such a pain! Being “down” for even just a day was too much lol! I am just over the week! I hope everyone else had a better week and I wanted to start showing a little more from the Alice in Sexyland that I haven’t gotten to open yet. Enjoy and TOOTLES!


Skin and Head: Swallow- Roberta TMP head applier @ Alice in Sexyland

Body: Maitreya– Lara mesh body

Hair: Vanity Hair: Mirror Games @ Alice in Sexyland

Hat: Scenes- TimeKeeper unisex top hat in silver @ Alice in Sexyland

Rings: Diamante- Tea Party Ring Set @ Alice in Sexyland

Outfit: The Little Bat- The Hatter Outfit @ Alice in Sexyland

Take me on a Safari

I am getting a tad tired of seeing all the winter photos. They are flooding my flickr, so instead I opt for something a little warmer and sizzling. With the help of a couple of events going on this month, you too can have this fabulous look. There are a ton of items to show so please stay tuned 🙂 TOOTLES

P.S. I wanted to wear my Belleza body and skin in support of Belleza over this DMCA crap. It is sad when creative people are held back by people who would like nothing more than to steal joy and happiness who those who get to create and enjoy the creations. If you haven’t grabbed you Belleza by now, then it may be taken away in the next few days and you will not have the chance unless all of this mess gets put away and they bring the Venus body back (which I hope happens soon!). We must as consumers and lovers of SL stop the madness!


SkinBelleza– Yasmin Sunkissed

Body- Belleza– Venus Mesh Body

Eyes IKON– Hope eyes in Nymph

HairVanity Hair– Sexy Kitten in light brown

Headpiece– .:JUMO:.- Lekker Skull and Feathers headpiece @ Jewelry and Accessory Expo 2014 (begins Dec 5th)

Skirt and Top– Artizana- Vikasati collection @ Designer Showcase

Jewelry- .:JUMO:.- Madagascar bangles and necklace @ Jewelry and Accessory Expo 2014 (begins Dec 5th)

PoseLUXE– Wset pack