Finding Your Piece

Finding your Piece

As I write, I am watching my Facebook feed pop up with all these crazy comments. Status updates that honestly should be left inside someones head instead of placed in a place where others are allowed to comment and view your wild ideas. I have my own views on the topics at hand, but I would rather not post them on Facebook and end up dragged into the whole out of control crazy train. If you do not know what I am talking about, then consider yourself lucky! I will however touch on a few of the topics, because it does involve blogging.

I am by no means a great blogger. I am a decent blogger in my eyes, and I do try to improve on my skills when I can. I am a crappy stylist. I leave that to my sister who can rock anything you give her and make it look like it was made for whatever she pairs it with. That being said, I do try to improve. I can look at my photos a year ago and say that I am certainly better than I was at that point. I think if your photos look the same, then your not really doing yourself any favors. Don’t you want to be more than just average? If you pride yourself on having raw SL shots and no photoshop added, then I guess your doing exactly what you want to do, but do not belittle the people who want more. A person has a right to their opinion after all. I do not know many designers who require no photoshop work for their bloggers. I do know some who ask for little photoshop work on the item, but that doesn’t mean the entire photo people!

The issue for me isn’t trying to figure out what the designer wants. They all want something different and there are so many designers now that my head spins. My job is to find out what I like. What do I do best and what do I enjoy doing. If that fits into a designers preference, then more than likely I will blog for that designer. I laugh at this concept now, because I use to be all about pleasing the designers. Gosh… I did so many fairs last year I would be in 2 or 3 at a time. I prided myself on doing event only blogging, because I thought that is what people wanted. People want to know the latest event and the latest releases. This is true without a doubt, but it was exhausting. After a solid year of doing this, I had to stop. I was killing myself blogging at least once a day. One blog for me takes time. I style and gather what I need for a photo and then I take the photo finally and then editing and writing. In all one blog takes me about 3 hours or so depending on distractions in RL. That is a lot of time… I realize that some people even take longer. Realistically, blogging twice to 3 times a week is all I really have time for. Once I figured this out, I then thought about the quality of work I wanted to put out. It may not be a graphic artist type of work, but its mine and I wanted to be proud of that. Sometimes I edit more than I should and sometimes I do not edit enough. Each post seems to be a learning process for me. It helps keep me from getting bored with it I think. I see some bloggers who blog the exact same way every time. Exact same editing every time. It is good editing, but it just gets old to me. What puts some above the others isnt the editing sometimes, but the styling. It just depends on blogger to blogger.

With this long drawn out explanation, I want to say that I do not always agree with others opinions about what a good blogger is or how to tell who is better than the others. What I do agree on is that every opinion is to be respected. If you don’t agree, then that’s fine. Keep it to yourself or write a post about it if you feel so inclined to do so. What you should NEVER do is attack another person for their views. That is where the line is drawn and where you become the person who is wrong. The other person’s opinion could be just awful, but you make yourself look like the worse person out there when you go after another. Why do people not see that? Maybe it is hard to see when some have other issues which cloud their judgment, but when it happens frequently from the same person, then you learn a lesson in it. Lesson from all this…. Do not engage said person in any way for any reason! TOOTLES


Skin: Lara Hurley– Iza Lelutka head applier

Head: Lelutka- Simone

Eyes: IKON– Odyssey eyes in dusk

Body: Maitreya– Lara Mesh Body

Hair: little bones- Axis @ N21

Headpiece: Wicca’s Wardrobe- Valarie set @ The Instruments 

Bracelet: The Forge– Gypsy Bracelets

Top: 1992– Wrap top in black

(photo is edited, and hair is edited around the edges)

Before and After


Elegant Kink

Elegant Kink

ROMP begins tomorrow and is sure to WOW you into something sexy… or maybe out of something. If you see these items you will understand what I am talking about. This is the perfect place to pick up some new kinky items to make your Second Life just the fantasy you were dreaming of. I have so much more to open and the kinky level in this house is going to extreme levels! Just take my word for it and prepare for your shopping trip. TOOTLES


Skin: Lara Hurley– Iza applier for Lelutka

Head: Lelutka– Stella

Body: Maitreya– Lara Mesh Body

Eyes: IKON– Sovereign eyes in Fjord

Hair: Truth– Bronwyn

Collar: Cae- Clinched collar @ ROMP (begins July 3rd)

Bodysuit: [The Forge]- Body suit in blue @ ROMP (beings July 3rd)

Tattoo: .Reckless.- Haze

Kissed by the Sun

Happy Anniversary to We ❤ RP! This month We ❤ RP turns two and this means gifts for everyone! Amazing unique roleplay designs with gifts at a few of the designers spots. You will not be disappointed and I bought probably WAY too much. Will take me more than just May to get through all of the items. Happy shopping this month and don’t forget to stop by! TOOTLES


Skin: Glam Affair– Stella Polar Fantasy Line @ We ❤ RP

Head- Lelutka– Stella mesh head

Body- Maitreya– Lara Mesh Body (Free Fantasy appliers for Glam Affair @ We ❤ RP

Hair: Tableau Vivant- Cersei in Light Browns @ We ❤ RP

Headpiece: Fawny- Sweet Rose Wreath in gold @ We ❤ RP

Necklace: Modish- Thalia necklace in sand @ We ❤ RP

Dress: Dead Dollz- Ariadne’s dress in white @ We ❤ RP

Bracers: The Forge- Plaid Bracers in gold @ We ❤ RP

Pose: Apple Spice– Against the wall pose

Lamp: noctis- swamp wanderers standing lamp @ We ❤ RP

Bench: noctis- swamp wanderers bench @ We ❤ RP

Well and bassin: 22769 ~ bauwerk- The little village well and water basin @ We ❤ RP