I am so lazy, but it takes the motivation of my friends and family to keep me going and Lizzie has been there this week to help me show even more items from Cosmopolitan Sales Room before the last day. The room ends tomorrow and then prepares for another round so you have to get in there fast to take advantage of these sales. Hope you enjoy your shopping! TOOTLES

Credits: On Tessa (left)

Skin– Lara Hurley – Ivy in natural tan

Body: Slink- Physique Mesh Body

Hair– MINA- Sophia Specials Pack @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Tank and Skirt– Missnoise Style- Cropped butterfly tank and high waist long grey skirt @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Shoes– .:Glow Designs:.- Lux Heels in Pink (high slink add on) @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room 

Credits: On Lizzie (right)

Skin– [PXL Creations]- Jade

Body: Slink- Physique Mesh Body

Hair– [elikatira]- Cassidy

Dress– *Aphrodisiac*- Simple Summer Dress in White @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Shoes– -SSW- – shib pumps (high slink add on) @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room


Hand Me A Cold One

It is hot… No lie! I have these weird thought processes that lead me to my final conclusion on things. This outfit reminded me of how freaking hot it is this summer. I would pull my hair up and wear some cute summer easy clothing. I then thought about the summer lovin song on Grease. Yes, probably strange! Then I had a rather funny conversation today about not flirting with someone who might not be in your “league” This person knows who they are. All of these things to me relate. Maybe strange, but it lead me to wonder why exactly do we feel like we are not worthy of things? We always downplay our own worth to ourselves when others see us as something wonderful and brilliant. This feeling can cause people to do anything from not going for a job you want or not flirting with someone who you might like. The confidence level falls with these thoughts and sometimes it is nice to have that pick me up with a compliment or a flirt. How many of you have done this? I have certainly been guilty of not applying for a blogger job because I felt I just wasn’t good enough. I have also not flirted or even noticed a flirt because I felt I wasn’t really in someones league. It is one thing to tell yourself these things sometimes and it is another to really sit back and think about how many times you might put yourself down or downplay your abilities or worth. This really has nothing to do with this amazing outfit I am bringing you, but it was just on my mind. 🙂 Run over to Cosmopolitan Sales Room. This outfit you see here can all be found there. Well worth the trip plus so many other amazing designs it is really hard to pick and choose what to show yall! Go take a look for yourself 🙂 TOOTLES


Skin– Lara Hurley – Ivy in natural tan

Body: Slink- Physique Mesh Body

Eyes– [Buzz]- Crystal Eyes in Ice

Hair– ! Sugarsmack !- Bette With Love in Red Hots @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Top– -SSW- – Summernight Tanktop @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Pants– NS::- Boom Boom Carpis @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Shoes– -SSW- – OMGSH Pumps in red (Slink high add on) @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Tattoo– Letis Tattoo- Tau Puppis (Slink Physique Hud)