Garden SL

One of my favorite movies growing up was the Secret Garden. I haven’t seen this movie in quite a few years but as I remember it… it was some what of a fairytale as the girl found the key to this desperate looking garden which needed her love and care to make things grown into this fantasy of a place. It is a place where dreams grow and flourish. I may not have a secret garden in SL but I have made my home a garden… and I try to make SL a place where things grown and flourish. A place where dreams come true… where people who may not have must of a RL with an illness or someone who is disabled is able to meet others and interact in a fun way. I think about these things daily. Who are we really meeting when we enter this garden of a place. What were they before they found their secret garden or in this case before they found their SL. AHHH the things that go through my mind when I stay up late and blog… BUT I have a really good reason to blog, I promise!

I just have to show you some of the amazing things being shown at the Spring Break Fair 2014. I was going through some of these creations and a few stuck out. This OSITO spring romper in blue daisy made me just feel like I was sitting in a beautiful garden. There are several colors to choose from so you will have your pick! Also, in my hair I am wearing the Flower Essence in peach made by Haute Couture. This flower is offered as a gacha at the fair so go and try your luck! Show me the styles that you make from the items at the Spring Break Fair! It really is a ton of fun 🙂


Memory Lane


Spring Break memories have started slowly coming back to me since the Spring Break Fair has begun and honestly it has been a lot of fun. To blog this fair, I put together a long list of old songs that I would blast from my car while driving to the beach. I may end up sharing a few of those a little later. Maybe that will date me some for those who might be curious just how old I am. These songs bring back memories of laying out on the beach for hours and hours each day for a whole week worth of fun. Just what every high school and college kid needs right? L!KE has put out this Teenie Kini in minty leopard just to make me have even more of a throw back. The bikini comes with all the appliers in one handy little HUD as well. There are several colors but I use to have a bikini just like this. I remember we would go weeks before we actually left and have our spring break shopping trips. The things bought then I probably would never wear again in my life… but the memories are still fresh and bring a smile to my face! Run over to the Spring Break Fair and see what memories start coming back to you 🙂 TOOTLES

Spring Break Fair 2014 Begins!!

Spring Break Fair 2014 Poster.

Spring Break Fair is now open!!! Please see below for a list of designers plus the direct tp’s into that area. Have fun shopping and please cut back and relax 🙂

Welcome Zone

Sponsor stores:

A*S, No Name

Dyer Maker, Letis Tattoo, FAKE

WoW Skins, Visions

Baby Girl Inc., !ellemeno!

K-Code, Ozi, L!KE

BoobieLicious, Blow Up

Gold and Silver Stores:

Like Design, smesh, NAMINOKE, Image Essentials, -|DLZ|-, biddy, Lindy Shoes, Speakeasy Tatttoo, Vershe

twenty13, thePyramid, Candy Crunchers, J&A Rock Culture, Faboo, Goth1c, Tabou Irresistible, Blink2Wink, [LDP]

Bugz, PerveTTE, Suicide Gurls, Toxic High

blah Blah blah, {W&R}, Phoebe~Piercings & more, [F]oil, shine by [ZD], Baby Doll, Tantalum, MIMOSA, ninety, GAAL, Ticklesnak, Forbidden Berry, Ravnous, Social Vintage, Silk Dreams

Paisley Daisy, Avale, Osito, A&A Diamante

Zombie Suicide, BSD Design, Loveme Skins, Ravnous, kdm, Vodoo Dollz, EMPORIUM, Loodes of London, {MV}, Beauty is pain Boutique

Perch, cheeky, [trs], cl!t, PrincessD, Nantra Poses, Shine Skins & Fashion, pink acid, HauteCouture, Mirus

ZOZ, [BANNED], Sweet Fireflys, !Lilicious

maci, POMPOSITY, Frogstar, sugarmarmite

Gacha Zone

Here is a direct TP to every store present at the fair. I hope this helps and makes the event a little easier on your shopping needs!



Fly, Butterfly, Fly


The delicate beauty of a butterfly always astounds me. It is soft and elegant in nature as it floats from flower to flower barely looking as if it is exerting any energy. I believe that Haute Couture captured this perfectly in this Butterfly Essence cocktail dress she will release at the Spring Break Fashion Fair 2014. It gives a soft fade down the dress while pointing to a deep V in the back where she has given us a hand painted butterfly to accent. The front is very simple but leaves a sort of mystery until you look at the back of the dress. This is a must grab if you will be visiting the fair! Please enjoy! TOOTLES

The Different Side


When you think Spring, most people think about pastel colors, flowers in bloom, and Easter. On the other hand, some people just still like to wear black or darker colors. Personally in RL, I would rather be in black than any pastel color. It washes out my pale skin! Shine by [ZD] has you covered with this Mesh spring dress they have created just for you at the Spring Break Fashion Fair 2014. No matter how you twist it, some people just enjoy the darker side of things. This group of people certainly includes me most of the time. Also, 100 Block has begun and between the failing TPs, -1L errors, and lag I was able to pick up this Gods & Monsters hair created by little bones. It’s worth checking out, but I would probably recommend giving it a week or so. It was just incredibly difficult. I will be going back soon probably though. Well… back to my RL vacation so have a great day everyone 🙂 TOOTLES