Slink Physique Skin Appliers

The “rage” this past week has been all about the new Slink Physique Mesh Body! I immediately ran to Slink on Wednesday morning and wrote a review about the mesh body here, but I wrote a strict review about the skin that was provided with the Slink body. I began to think about things after my review… yes I made a comment about wanting to see the body with a different skin but between all of that I was really harsh with my initial review about the skin. I then went on a search for a skin that I would like. I loved my last skin from :Modish:, so I wanted something I could feel equally happy about and just something different. I went on a search for a skin and I finally settled with the Ivy skin in natural tan from Lara Hurley. This skin has a softness my other one did not have. Now that I have put this skin on with the Slink body I am a lot more pleased about it. I have started creating outfits here and there trying to form clothes around the new shape and skin and I am more pleased than I was at first glance. If you are willing to work with it, it can work for you… I decided that others may need help knowing who has appliers. This is in no way an accurate list… there are probably even more skin makers than this that have them, but these are the ones that I went to. Hope you find this helpful! TOOTLES

Glam Affair – L$349

Izzies– L$449

Adam N Eve – L$500 plus freckle appliers for L$275

Deluxe Body Factory – L$449

The Skinnery – L$280

DeeTaleZ – L$295

.::WoW Skins::. – L$200

Lara Hurley – L$150 (compatible with certain skins)

[ HUSH ] – L$450



Slink Physique is HERE!!!

We are all addicted to Slink it seems so who is surprised that there is a flood of people at Slink trying to get the new mesh Physique body. I was one of them… first thing when I logged in to run over and purchase. Why even bother with the demo to be honest when I already love the hands and feet? The demo doesn’t give you a very good idea of what the body has to offer. As I did with the Wowmeh body, I am going to give my pros and cons and how I really feel about these bodies and how they compare.  Disclaimer…. ALL images are raw and have not been edited AT ALL!
Dress that comes with the mesh body

The first question will ask is how it looks with the hands and feet… AMAZING!!! This is 100 times better than the Wowmeh when it comes to matching and looking smooth. When you purchase the new Slink Physique Mesh Body you will get an assortment of skin color options in a pack. The color I have on is the Cinnamon. I feel this better matched the color I would like in SL, but there are all sorts you really need to try. There is an alpha that includes the Visage if you also would like to have the mesh head. There is a HUD that allows you to control the alphas and clothing layers along with a skin HUD to allow you to pick the skin you would like. Also included is 3 sets of underwear and a one shoulder dress. The dress seems to be a fitted mesh dress because it was a one click add on and there were no alphas needed to cover up my shape with it.

Same body numbers except for the face and arm muscles
The Butt

Now for the Cons… There are quite a few for me. I do not like the skin… This is not a skin I see myself wearing because I am not a fan of the details. I look like plastic! I will be looking for skin appliers in the future and I do not think that this will really affect many peoples choices about buying the body. We all know there will be appliers! The shape provided was horrible, so I had to work on that some. I will continue to tweak it till it is exactly what I like. The neck area however is very large and the mesh body goes up into the head a bit. I had a line around the back of my head which will be an issue with shorter hair styles or updos.  The alpha layers are a bit large. When you first want to just cover up a small part of the breast for a top, you cover up the entire chest area with one click. (pictures below) I did not like this. There should be a second alpha layer in that spot in order to get just the top of the breast without covering the entire neck line. I tried a few of my mesh tops with it and it seemed I always had to go a size bigger and you could still see the alpha layers. For me, I prefer the alpha layers with the Wowmeh. That is only my personal opinion.  We all want a smooth body with no jagged edges, but this new mesh body is not helping any. I will still have to liquify quite a bit in photoshop when it comes time to edit photos. Even with my arm straight down there are more bumps than with the regular bodies that LL has provided for us. I will be wearing this body for some future blog posts to see just how it works with clothing and with photoshop. Another con… The Slink Physique is a little over L$1200… a lot more than the Wowmeh has been. Who knows what the price will be when the new Wowmeh body comes out though.

Trying to cover up the boobs for a deep V top

My conclusion… well… it doesn’t look great from all the cons! The only real pro is that it goes better with the slink feet and hands which for some is just about enough of a positive to purchase. Personally, I will be wearing my Wowmeh body a lot more. I am still a Slink fan, and granted…. this is just the first day! Updates will change little things here and there and I look forward to those. I hope this helps a little bit more in your decision making when it comes to purchasing what might fit you better.