Glad I Stayed Home

I saw a post on Facebook earlier that I have shared to my RL account and it basically is a dog wrapped in a blanket sitting on the couch. It states, “Everyone is out partying and I am just here wrapped in a blanket happy at home”. Now, I usually like to be out and doing something and when I am not, I am doing something in SL like blogging or exploring. I have lately even attended a few live events. Today is one I am glad I didn’t go to. I heard… now this is just me seeing others comments on the subject… that some really nasty things were said about others at an event I was planning on going to today. I will not name who or where, but I just sit back and think about that photo of the dog. Glad I decided not to go and to blog instead because I am not very good at holding my tongue when others make themselves look like jerks. I just think sometimes people should watch their mouths and think about others. I also think that it is the people who put this event together who is to blame for this happening today. You have to watch who you surround yourself with and if you are surrounded by judgmental and nasty hearted people then that is what you are going to see. Maybe I just have a bad opinion of these people from the start from other things I have seen and this just further proves my theory of why I like to keep to myself. I have been stabbed in the back too much times to keep letting it happen I guess. I am not a nasty person so therefore I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut when I see others who are. Be kind to others. That is the takeaway here. Take what you might have seen or heard about today and let it make you a better person. TOOTLES


Skin: Lara Hurley– Christy pale catwa mesh head applier

Body: Maitreya– Lara mesh body

Eyes: IKON- Odyssey in Dusk

Hair: TRUTH- Focus

Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer- Gypsy Spice set @ Uber

Sweater: tres blah- Catby Shrug in Dotty @ Collabor88

Dress: Dead Dollz- Kate Slip Dress in black @ Shiny Shabby


If You Stumble

If You Stumble


Skin: Pumens– Manuela TMP mesh head applier @ Shiny Shabby

Body: Maitreya– Lara Mesh Body

Eyes: IKON– Sovereign eyes in glass

Hair: TRUTH– Emerson

Dress: Valentina E.- Gold Digger dress in black @ ROMP

Shoes: Essenz- Utah @ FaMESHed

Do I leave it all behind?

Do I leave it all behind?

The more you know yourself, the more patience you have for what you see in others.

– Erik Erikson
The quote above is probably the most confusing thing to me. I know myself… but I have little patience for others. I think what bothers me the most is seeing people at their lowest. You know they lie and you know they do things that are so unlike the behavior that you usually see and you want to say “Hey what are you doing? Why are you doing this?”. When you do say something or draw attention to their fault, they lash back out. Maybe this is human nature.. but it bothers me. It bothers me to know and see these types of things go on. I really wish I could answer this for myself. Have seen this behavior several times over several people in the last few weeks and it is starting to get hard to hold my tongue. I know it is the adult thing to do to let things slide. I just always see that if I didn’t care then yeah I would be fine with someone acting way out of character. I think the amount  of things I have let slide or not commented on is mounting until I eventually explode or I just walk away from everything. We will see. TOOTLES


Skin: Pumens– Manuela TMP mesh head applier @ Shiny Shabby

Body: Maitreya– Lara Mesh Body

Eyes: IKON– Sovereign eyes in glass

Hair: TRUTH– Ximena

Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer- Celestine Heart set @ Uber

Top: Addams- Thelma Wool Cardigan w/ turtleneck @ Uber

Bottoms: Addams- Electra Denim shorts in white @ Uber

Shoes: Essenz- Alabama @ My Attic

Push Past Into The Light

What happens when you step out of something and into a new life? A little light comes on like a candle flickering deep inside you that was once dark is now filled with life and light. I have been spending more time in RL than in SL and I am very happy with the way things have been going. I started a new business for myself about 2 months ago and have been working really hard with getting everything in a place where I feel good about how it is going. I wouldn’t say I am anywhere near good… of course no one is. If you do not feel you can grow then you won’t push past the boundaries that have been set. I want to push… I want to go far. For this reason… I will probably be sticking with 2 posts a week. I may do 3 if I am having a slower week. But with 2 RL jobs… SL takes the back burner. I still have my favorite designers which I will be showing when I do post. I also need my creative outlet, and since I can’t really be that way with my RL jobs, I will come here and do that when I need some relief. Maybe more photography than blog photos. We will see. TOOTLES!


Skin: Pumens– Manuela TMP mesh head applier @ Shiny Shabby

Body: Maitreya– Lara Mesh Body

Eyes: IKON– Sovereign eyes in glass

Hair: Exile- The Countess @ The Fantasy Collective 

Dress: Dead Dollz- Hecate in white (maitreya fitted mesh) @ The Fantasy Collective

Power of Patience

The Power of Patience

“Patience is power.
Patience is not an absence of action;
rather it is “timing”
it waits on the right time to act,
for the right principles
and in the right way.”
― Fulton J. Sheen


Skin: Swallow– Roberta TMP head applier

Body: Maitreya– Lara Mesh Body

Eyes: Buzz– Bewitched eyes in ocean

Hair: TRUTH– Karlie w/ sunglasses and color changing hud included

Dress: Dead Dollz- Vesper (maitreya fitted mesh dress only) @ Shiny Shabby

Shoes: Essenz- Amsterdam @ Shiny Shabby

Shoe Fetish

For all you crazy shoe lovers out there… I felt I needed to combine all of the CandyDoll shoes that are currently out at events this month and let you decide if you need these shoes! My guess is that you do need them and you will faithfully go purchase each and every one of them because you love them just as much as I do. Don’t try to prove me wrong because you will miss out! CandyDoll makes shoes for Slink and for Maitreya and they all fit wonderfully! ❤ TOOTLES

Credits Photo 1:

(flat feet)

Candydoll- Victoria in cream @ Kustom9

Candydoll- Bailey in brick @ Shiny Shabby

Credits Photo 2:

(high feet)

Candydoll- Vixen in aqua @ Uber

Candydoll- Asuka in banana @ Manga Fair

Trust the Light

The feeling of being deceived, completely betrayed by someone so close to your clueless heart. You tell them everything, all the emotions and ideas in your heart, and well, they dont tell you theirs. And that leads to the big mistake. The big mistake I’m still regretting right now. That is losing trust, and never gaining that trust back again because they carved in a big hole in your soft heart that will never heal. When that person spits out every little secret out to someone, and you sit there witnessing it happen, but not saying a word. Thinking to yourself how good of a person you are to not play that mindless sick game with someone with such a heartless, truthful heart. But still taking back those guilty desires to ruin their lives back…”


Skin: Lara Hurley– Iza applier for Lelutka

Head: Lelutka– Stella

Body: Maitreya– Lara Mesh Body

Eyes: IKON– Odyssey eyes in Sky

Hair: Tableau Vivant– Scarlett hair with hat @ Hair Fair 2015

Necklace: Yummy– Gold Luminary set

Bracelet: Kunglers Extra– metalize bracelets

Dress: Salt and Pepper- Lilian dress @ Shiny Shabby

Shoes: CandyDoll- Diamond Flats @ The Chapter Four

Come and Sit a While

I had planned on doing some work tonight but instead was invited to a Greedy game… so instead of sit here and type out this long thought out post I am going to have a night off and play some games! How about you take a night off from whatever your doing and go shopping. It is an excellent way to spend your time. 🙂 TOOTLES


Skin: Lara Hurley– Scarlett

Head: TheMeshProject– Classic Deluxe head

Body: Maitreya– Lara Mesh Body

Eyes: IKON–  Odyssey eyes in clarity @ The Mens Dept

Hair: +elua+- Oceana @ Summerfest ’15

Jewelry: Salt and Pepper- Vicky earrings and necklace set @ The Fantasy Collective

Dress: Zenith- Oversize shirt @ Shiny Shabby

Shoes: CandyDoll- Chloe boots in Pale Rose @ Kustom9

Pops of Color

Went with something a tad different tonight. I am feeling pretty colorful in all aspects of my life at the moment so I went for some pops of summer color. I think bright colors do something to a mood. I decided to look up a few things on this fact and found a great article about how colors can set your mood if you choose written by the Huffington Post. This article helps break down how each color can change your mood and the way that you think. In fact, the article states that wearing yellow can leave an open line of dialog between you and others. I wonder how many people would talk to me with this yellow. Maybe they just meant a shirt or something. Either way, I had fun and that is what is important! TOOTLES


Skin and Head: Swallow- Roberta TMP applier @ Alice in Sexyland

Body: Maitreya– Lara Mesh Body

Headdress and Jewelry: FINESMITH- Empire set @ Summer Anthem hunt at FINESMITH (ends June 26th)

Outfit: Dead Dollz- Zion Dress and top @ Shiny Shabby

Simple but Sexy

For a sexy casual look today I just had to hit up the new round of Shiny Shabby! Salt and Pepper never seems to fail me when I need something HOT to wear. If you haven’t been introduced to this designer yet your really missing out. Take a chance and go see for yourself! Along with this dress, sometimes it is a hair that makes an outfit. I wouldn’t have the same feel without this hair by Exile. Each piece adds something unique. Some go for huge statement pieces and some just go for essentials like hair, dress, and shoes. It is nice when a dress is just perfect alone without additional items. Anyway, that is just my clothing options for the day. I hope you enjoy your shopping! TOOTLES


Skin: Swallow- Roberta TMP applier @ Alice in Sexyland

Body: Maitreya: Lara Mesh Body

Hair: Exile- Full of Grace @ Collabor88

Dress: Salt and Pepper- Louise dress @ Shiny Shabby