Throwing a Blind Eye

We close our eyes for several reasons. We may be trying to go to sleep or just taking a moment for ourselves. Sometimes we close our eyes to make something go away. In this instance, I close my eyes to enhance the other many pleasures that my other senses find. The wind tickling the tiny hairs along my neck as the papers crinkle and blow in the background. The sound of the piano playing and the hint of roses filling my nose. It is amazing what we can sense when we just close our eyes.

There is another sense that we do not have even when our eyes are wide open. The sense of the truth. We can still be blind to the obvious things that are being shown or told to us. I often think it is rather funny how dumb others just assume I am. I guess it is my own fault for throwing a blind eye towards certain things or allowing other to get away with treating me this way just so I do not have to have a confrontation with them over their obvious lack of honesty. You might be sitting there asking yourself what in the world I am talking about? I think we have all been in a situation where we see the truth and we see the lie and we just don’t comment or say anything. There are several examples I could list out here. Maybe, you see a relationship that is no longer there and you know what happened, but the one who caused all the issues is the one playing some victim. Another example could be that you really like someone and they tell you every excuse under the sun as to why they didn’t contact and you know the truth. People can make excuses all they want to, but if they really wanted to contact they would make it happen. Another simple example is the white lies I have talked about before. People being polite to each others faces and then turning around and talking about those people behind their backs. If I were to sit here and list out the amount of backstabbing comments I have heard to people who kiss booty on Facebook or otherwise, it would just be laughable. Wonder how many of those comments that have been said to me have been turned around and said about me to others. I guess this all just shows that we throw a blind eye towards things that we just don’t want to realize or acknowledge. So whether you wear a real blindfold or a figurative one, we are all blind to something. TOOTLES!


Skin and head: Swallow- Roberta TMP applier with elegant lipstick @ Alice in Sexyland

Body: Maitreya- Lara Mesh Body

Hair: TRUTH– Randa

Blindfold: AP.PAREL– Blindr mask in rubber for ROMP

Necklace: Salt and Pepper- Alice collar  @ Alice in Sexyland

Dress: Salt and Pepper- Queen of Hearts dress @ Alice in Sexyland

Pose: an lar poses- The Girly Girl series @ Alice in Sexyland


Perfect Valentine Dress your looking for that perfect sexy Valentine cocktail… then look no further! The With Love Fair begins today and you can fine this gorgeous number there. I am slightly in love with this dress. Sexy sophisticated in the front and daring and bold in the back! Exactly what I would want for a hot date night! Just my two cents 🙂 TOOTLES


Skin: Lara Hurley– Fae in Natural

Body: Maitreya– Lara Mesh Body

Hair: Eaters Coma– Hair 28 in mocha

Dress: Dead Dollz- Beloved dress in red @ With Love Fair begins February 6th at 1pm