Last Chance


“One Last Chance”

Tell me what you need and I will find a way to stop the bleeding;
No, don’t add to my mistakes.
Tell me you’re not leaving and I’ll tell you everything you need to know.
Don’t throw it all away, don’t say my words are just too late.I don’t want to be left behind, I’ve been so blind to all that I have broken.
Can we put this back together?
No more empty promises, they don’t exist; just me out in the open.
I know this will take time, can you give me one last chance to make it right?

You say the story’s ending but I think it’s time we stop pretending;
No, can’t let you turn the page.
Does your heart remember when we used to say forever, don’t let go.
Don’t throw it all away; don’t say these words are just too late.

I don’t want to be left behind, I’ve been so blind to all that I have broken.
Can we put this back together?
No more empty promises, they don’t exist; just me out in the open.
I know this will take time, can we put the past behind us,
Tonight I’m gonna fight for you; just give me one last chance to make it right,
Last chance to make it right.

I don’t want to be left behind, I’ve been so blind to all that I have broken.
Can we put this back together?
No more empty promises, they don’t exist; just me out in the open.
I know this will take time, can you give me one last chance to make it right?

Give me one last chance to make it right,
A last chance to make it right
A last chance to make it right
No more empty promises, they don’t exist; just me out in the open.
I know this will take time, can you give me one last chance to make it right?

My mind has been filled with last chances as of late. Some good and some bad and some I don’t really want to talk about. What happens when we are faced with a last chance? Do we realize what is going on and make sure not to blow it this time or do we just fall into an old routine and don’t realize its too late until its over? Like a typical women, yes I do think about these things. Last chances… Second chances.. third and then fourth. When is that last chance and when is there a time you just say enough is enough and move on? There is one last chance I can assure you won’t want to miss. The Rock Attitude Fashion Fair ends tomorrow! Pictured above, I am wearing the :: Tabou Irresistible :: full body Flower Power tattoo. This tattoo comes with different shades and also includes a tango and phat azz applier. Don’t waste your last chance like some people do… Go check it out before it’s too late! TOOTLES

Back In Black


What is your favorite rock song? It is a question I have asked myself since I first started blogging for the Rock Attitude Fashion Fair, and it is still a question I am asking. How can you possibly pick your favorite song? I think if I am going to fall back on something it would have to be an AC/DC song. No I can’t pick the actual song… that would be equally as hard for me. When I saw this outfit… I imagine it would be something that I would wear to an AC/DC concert. ROCK ON!


At the Rock Attitude Fashion Fair you can find everything needed to rock out at your own concert! My top and pants are the Charmed outfit created by [[Masoom]]. I just love the textures and of course the fit is amazing. No crazy size issues either which is such a relief. My shoes, picture below, are the Seattle pair from Essenz. If you purchase the fatpack you get a lovely hud to change the colors. I was really pleased with all of the colors but of course I needed to go black… back in black after all 🙂 Please hurry down the the Rock Attitude Fashion Fair… A week left 🙂 TOOTLES


Finding Something New


Rock Attitude Fashion Fair brings us another belter in the form of this amazing jacket! Do I even need to say anything to make you want to drop what ever your doing and buy this right now? Well I’m going to anyway… just so you can get some more info on this Masterpiece. This jacket is made by :: JesyDream ::, a designer I was not familiar with but I’m sure going to be soon with everything under the sun from them in my inventory. Sorry again my lindens! The great thing about this jacket is that you can have it with or without a shirt. I know you want to impress the ladies with your body or maybe that is something I just do. ;P You can pick this up in a multitude of colours so go check it out at RAFF right now. You will not regret it I promise you that.

– Steve

What Can You Do With Your Mouth?


The Rock Attitude fashion fair is in full swing… so much to see so much to try and even more to buy, beware lindens you won’t last long… well I know mine wont! There are so many amazing designers contributing there time to make exclusives for this fair… which you need to have it’s a necessity. One being these Red Trousers with suspenders I’m wearing from ::KK::. I can’t help but fall in love with this designer. I had only found out about ::KK:: a month ago and I can’t keep myself away from buying everything. The trousers look so good, as you could imagine from such a great designer. They have a retro sort of feeling to them to me. They make a fab addition to any outfit. The next item at RAFF is this tank. I saw this tank top made by *SSC* and my eyes lit up and a smile appeared on my face. You always have to have that one top with a funny message on it so everyone can see just how wild you really are! The top comes in with many different messages and they are worth a look. Try something new and see how it works for you. Impulse buys are sometimes my favorite. While your at RAFF I highly recommend checking out the Male pose pack called Rebel made by {Nantra}. It comes with 6 poses plus another 6 which are mirrors of the previous. This is a dream come true for me. I always have that one pose where I need to be facing the other way, but it’s just not there. {Nantra} has thought of it all and I’m so happy they have. Now you can have twice the fun with mirrored poses. hope you like what you see and that you head on down to RAFF, you won’t regret it.

– Steve


It Shouldn’t End

Bringing another preview here for you of the Rock Attitude Fashion Fair. It is so hard on me to open up all of these items and not be able to show every single one of them to you. You will have to just go see it all for yourself! I will, however, show you the things that I find to be the most unique or that is on my MUST HAVE list.

I am going to have to make a list yet again… I honestly hate doing “the list” but there are just so many items I want to show you! ALL of these items listed below are from the Rock Attitude Fashion Fair. I have enjoyed prancing around looking all decked out like this in my rock wear. I was asked by a few people where certain things came from and I was happy to tell them who the designer was and where to find it. SOOOO… Here we go…

  • Poses: Tabou Irresistible- Rock Attitude single poses
  • Bangles: Tabou Irresistible – Distorted Nail Bangle
  • Belt: Tabou Irresistible- Stud and chain belt in silver
  • Top: EMPORIUM- Rockee Top with hud
  • Shoes: even.flow- On Tour boots in chrome
  • Hair: Tameless- Leeyah fades pack

One thing that you can’t find at the fair though are these leggings. They are made by Static and are called the bubble tights. They also come in different colors in the bubble area of the tights. They include the phat azz appliers as well which I am wearing. You can locate these at the current round of the Cosmopolitan Sales Room. I felt this was a perfect outfit to pair it with and honestly a perfect time since the fair is going on. So enough reading and go get your rock on! TOOTLES


Give Me A Like


Just so you all know… taking a few days off from SL is not the best thing when there are so many events going on. I am a little late with this but you have a few more days at least to head over to the .:LIKE Sales Room:. and take advantage of the current round going on. Above, I have pictured two of the items from AsHmOoT. This dress is the FROU FROU dress in Azure and Orange. To match the dress, they also have set out these Peep Toe Ankle Heels to take away the guess work on what to wear. Pictured below is another amazing look found at the .:LIKE Sales Room:.. This fabulous Loordes of London Maclaine Special in Olive. I loved the sheer part on the skirt! Paired with this brown clutch from Look*Me and you have an outfit for an evening out.


Want to take a moment to show a special at the Rock Attitude Fashion Fair as well. These sexy heels are from Essenz called Lima. They are a slink medium feet add on and come with a color changing hud. I am in love! 🙂


You have until Monday, March 31st to go check out the .:LIKE Sales Room:. and also go take a look at the Rock Attitude Fashion Fair while your at it. Have a great shopping day! TOOTLES

Rock Attitude Fashion Fair

RAFF logo version 1

The Rock Attitude Fashion Fair has officially opened! Please do not miss this fair… you will definitely regret it! March 29th- April 11th. Guess what I found to be one of the best things yet when I tp’d into the fair… NO SCRIPT LIMIT!!! Don’t look at me strange. Most fairs lately have had them, but not here! Feel free to rock your style but still please be aware of your script counts so everyone doesn’t lag like crazy. Jump on the tour bus here….


Outlandish Rock


Welcome back, and do I have a surprise for you! The Rock Attitude Fashion Fair is opening tomorrow and I’d like to show you a little sneak peak, just something to tingle your fancy and get you even more excited. If you know me, you’ll know that I’m not a huge fan of rock and punk but I must say they do have there own unique dressing style. It’s quite out there, not caring what everyone else is doing and being different than the majority of people. This outfit helped me see that. It gives off that bad boy vibe telling everyone around you, “I don’t care how I look, I break the rules”. Tt’s so daring, love it! If your going after a new look and feeling a little outlandish I’d recommend this highly, it’s spectacular.


Now a little bit on the outfit, from the wonderful “J&A Rock culture” ,and it’s an exclusive for the Rock Attitude Fashion Fair. Grab it while it’s hot! So, as far as I can tell, it’s only in black. The outfit looks great and well thought out in the styling. Another good bonus is that every piece is separate, so you can mix and match with other clothing you have. The guitar, pictured better below, fits really well. It also has a resize script for all your resizing needs. I think it adds a little something to the outfit. Make sure you gals and guys drop by the Rock Attitude Fashion Fair tomorrow. You’d be crazy not to! See ya there!

– Steve


It Will Blow You Away

Usually when I do previews for events, I only post a couple of items in one post. This time around, there is absolutely NO way I could do that! When you think rock… what comes to your mind? I think of so many different things which include classic rock and that brings me back to the Beatles. Then I go as far as the hard rock and then there is heavy metal. Each person has a completely different interpretation of what ROCK means and it has been so much fun seeing what all the designers come up with.

Here is another preview for the Rock Attitude Fashion Fair which begins on Saturday. I am going to have to do something that I do not normally do… a list! Honestly there are so many items that are part of the fair in this post that I cannot just write about them or you will be here all day reading. You all know that I never blog something I do not like…. So here we go…

  • Skin: Rock Attitude girl – by 7 Deadly s{K}ins
  • Dress: Hooded Dress in black – by [G] Glitzz
  • Tattoo: Shine – by Infected
  • Hairpiece: Rockstar Glam Hair Clip – by Frogstar
  • Bag: Electric Shoulder Bag (gacha- rare) – by Frogstar
  • Necklace: Scorpion Necklace – by POMPOSITY
  • Shoes: Militia Boots – by DEADPOOL

WOW!!! ALL of these items that I just listed will be at the Rock Attitude Fashion Fair. Imagine if I attempted to write about all of this… You would get so bored with me telling you how fabulous it all is! I know your itching to get there and see all of these items now. HEHE Just a couple of more days…


Haute Rock

The Rock Attitude Fashion Fair begins on Saturday and I know I am THRILLED!! If you follow my blog at all, you know that I usually post sweet cute outfits. I am excited to let this sort of hidden part of me loose on everyone. 🙂 One of the first items that we were sent to preview has of course become a favorite. You all know I only blog my favorites!!! The dress above is the Emily dress in black created by shine by [ZD]. I love how this dress has an edge while still giving off that sweet vibe that I do love. Below, I have pictured another shine dress called Dana Spiked Mini Dress. There is a low dip in the back which adds a little sex appeal with the rough spiked edges of this dress. Also at the Rock Attitude Fashion Fair, you can grab these awesome Rock’N Roll earrings also from shine by [ZD]. You will see me prancing around SL in these designs so watch out!

I also want to give a special shout out for these boots I am wearing. NO, these shoes can NOT be picked up at the Rock Attitude Fashion Fair but they SCREAM fashion and I felt were a perfect fit with this dress. You can pick up the DuCharme Boots at Heth Haute Couture in world and also check out his mix of edgy and high fashion clothing along with men’s clothing, handbags, and jewelry.

I hope you enjoyed your quick preview of some of the items that will be available at the fair on Saturday. I have not included an LM yet because of course you can’t get in yet… stay tuned for more sneak peaks and for an LM in the near future. You won’t want to miss this, trust me! TOOTLES