What Is Art?


Lines, color, perspective, light, color, and texture. These words are filling up my head because I just finished an art lecture for one of my classes. They are asking us to visualize different pieces of art and compare and contrast different medias. Now, I know your not in my class… but I am finding myself doing this with my photos in SL. It is driving me nuts!!!! Does this somehow make my photos art now? No I definitely don’t think so… but it does cause me to look at the textures of the items I am showing just a little differently.


 I have so many new items I just can’t possibly show them all to you and write about each one. I do love the fit and textures of everything you see here. New releases from RIR Life and New items at the new round at Cosmopolitan Sales Room. I hope you enjoy! TOOTLES




Shirt: Twice mesh top with color HUD by RIR Life

Pants: Roses mesh jeans in light blue by RIR Life

Bangles: Executive Bangles by Baubles! @ Cosmo

Ring: Sky Gem Ring by Baubles! @ Cosmo

Purse: Puggy Pursey in blue by *[MeshedUp]* @ Cosmo

Poses: Fashionista pose HUD by Tabou Irresistible @ Cosmo


Back Away Slowly


It seems that lately my time has gotten away from me… I try to keep up with everyone and everything going on and sometimes when you ask for help it backfires. Because of this backfire, I will be cutting back on my blogging in a major way. I will still try to keep everyone updated on what is going on with me and with events around SL, but I will not be posting as many blogs anymore. I know the designers will understand, as most of them know me on a more personal level and I consider them a friend, not just a designer. I ask that everyone just please be patient as my SL and my RL start to change and adjust. I do want to show you one new item though that I just feel so comfortable in. It is really a relief to be able to just throw on an outfit and not have to do anything to it to make it look good. Rir Life has released this casual girl outfit. I am wearing it in blue but you can pick this up in many colors available. The best part… this outfit is ONE alpha… and ONE attachment. You just attach the size you want and the jacket, undershirt, and pants all are attached together. The convenience is refreshing. Please drop by Rir Life to see which color you like best and also, check out the many new releases and the new group gift available while you are there. TOOTLES

Let’s Go For A Ride


Who doesn’t get excited with Spring right around the corner? To kick off my wardrobe, I have to show you two new items that I am having so much fun with. First… The yellow and pink roses crown that I am wearing is a mesh release from .:Glow Design:.. You can find this adorable crown in different colors and there is also a demo available before you purchase. This crown will be available till April 19th at The Fashion Collective. I paired the crown with my newest hair purchase from *Milk* which is called Girl About Town. It comes with hair bands, but I really didn’t need them with this crown. Perfect name for what I want to do today around SL really. Also, I wanted to show one of the new releases from RIR Life. This cute Off the Shoulder white shirt is perfect.. Its flowy and airy and paired with my capris, it is a perfect outfit to go exploring or bike riding. 🙂 Yes, a lot of new items from me in this post but I hope you take the time to run and grab them all! ❤ TOOTLES