I Assume It Is Fall

 I feel like it is so appropriate at this moment to talk about expectations and assumptions. Everyone has them but not everyone voices them. When we add in social media of any sort, we finally have a place to put these down and say our piece on things. What I guess has been bothering me a lot lately is the constant assumptions by people because they have no idea of a situation. I honestly believe that there are three sides to every story and the facts become nothing but a screwed view of what they believe happened on their end. The assumption that everyone should be completely perfect. It is “ok” for others to make mistakes until it has to do with yourself and then everyone  should just be perfect. The guilty comments start flooding in like the “How could you” one which I have hear people say frequently. I am guilty of this one myself. It is only “ok” for others to make a mistake when you can easily walk away from a situation and have no guilt or shame yourself. The real kicker is when people chime in with their two cents. Every situation is different… every reason is different… how can we possibly give “advice” or comments on a situation that you can’t possibly understand unless you are present yourself? This is something I have struggled with, because its very natural to give an opinion. That is what it is right? Then… if that is true let’s turn the situation around and make the person you’re talking about be your best friend. Then it is a different situation right? You may have the same opinion, but because there are some extra things you now know or you didn’t know then the opinion will come out as some kind of support for the person you care for. The take from? Stop assuming everything and just ask someone or be direct and let us all stop talking about others behind their backs. If you have something to say then just say it! I am going to say that I would rather go shopping at some of these great places than worry about what your assumptions are of me. Shopping therapy at its best! TOOTLES

 Her Credits:

HairLamb.– Pandora ginger pack

Jacket w/ shirt– American Bazaar- West Coat Marine with undershirt hud @ Sad November

Jeans- [Cynful]– Skinny jeans in medium blue

ShoesREIGN.– Not Your Momma’s Knit Boots (group gift)

His Credits: 

Shirt- V-Spot Seattle Sweater in purple @ Sad November

Pants- V-Spot Casual Cords in brown @ Sad November

Hat- V-Spot– Worn Velvet Hat and Scarf in navy (NEW 99L)

Watch- [MANDALA] Billionaire – Simple Leather Black

Shoes- Horeenbeek– Heritage Boots Burgundy


Blogging Friends

Most people have associated blogging with getting free items and taking photos… but one thing that people fail to think about a lot is the great connections and friends that can be made between bloggers. The part I love most is doing a post with another blogger who you admire for their work. I do get that bloggers use designers and events for free items… but that isn’t all bloggers. Some of us love what we do and try to do it the best that we can. It is even better when we can take a break from our busy schedule to get a pic together and do a post to bring everyone even more wonderful designs that are out at the current events. Hope you enjoy this post as much as we did putting it together for you! TOOTLES


Skin– Lara Hurley- Scarlett in Midtone @ UBER

Eyes– IKON- Hope Eyes in Nymph

Hair– TRUTH- Vixen @ UBER

Sweater– =Zenith=- Bear Head Kitting Jacket in Khaki @ Kustom9

Leggings– SYSY’s- Diamond Tights

Jewelry- .Atomic.- Unicorn Horn Necklace

Shoes– REIGN.- Lavie Boots in Cocoa @ Kustom9

Pose– !bang- sample gift poses @ The Seasons Story

See Nanny’s blog for her style credits!

Pimped Out

So I met this hot pimp who offered to show me the world… He took me to a dome with holes in it… just my luck! You couldn’t even see the world from the roof top! What a total waste of time… but you have to admit he is hot right? Before he decided to then prove we could fly like birds off the building, I suggested that we go check out the 24 Squared fashion event which was a much better idea. We grabbed these fabulous exclusive items and were on our way. Off to hopefully see the world this time for real! TOOTLES

Tessa’s Credits:

Skin– Lara Hurley – Ivy in natural tan

Eyes– IKON- Spectral Eyes in Nymph

Hair– Wasabi Pills- Emma in gingerbread

Dress– Dead Dollz- Felina Black limited edition) @ 24 Squared

Jewelry- Maxi Gossamer- Annoushka necklace and ring 

Shoes– REIGN- Malice Heels in black

Doriel’s Credits:

Skin– Aeros- Garrett Skin

Eyes– IKON- Lucid Blue

Glasses- [Gos]- Intuition

Facial Hair– Nivaro- Trimmed beard in black

Outfit– Zuloo- Urbane Sophisticate suit (incl. hat and shoes) @ 24 Squared

Dead End


I am thrilled beyond belief… I have been waiting for this release for a long time and I am so excited to be able to share this with you. RVi Design has released the new Dead End Sanctuary which is a mesh release. I am enchanted by all things spooky and really… This makes me feel like I am back at Halloween. This will definitely be part of my design this year but before that, I at least wanted to introduce you to this amazing creation. Roshy really outdid herself. This product is copy and modify so you can change just about everything about it. It comes with a coffin that opens and closes when you touch it, a pose within the coffin itself, sound effects with the crow on the tree when it is touched, gates that open and close to the touch or when you run into it (my preference), and a black marble gate with torches that are time activated with flames. The scripts are no modifiable but if you want you can replace them with your own, add more animations and customize the design. I also took this opportunity to show you something else which I have recently obtained and am addicted to now… My shoes are the new release from *Reign called Monarch Heels. I purchased them in black but there are all kinds of colors and are an add on for the slink high feet. You can find these at The Big Show if you would like to grab a pair for yourself. Again, if you have any questions please feel free to ask in world! And remember that the Dead End Sanctuary is also 50% off for group members of RVi Design while it is still a new release so DONT WAIT!!!!