Waiting for the Light

Waiting for the Light

Today I feel like the wind has been completely knocked out of me. Not in the mood for a long drawn out blog today. I think I may be taking a little break from blogging soon. I have a lot on my mind and things are going on in RL and I just need some space from things lately. I will let everyone know when this does happen. There has to be light at the end of this tunnel. Thank you for reading my posts all the time. I do appreciate my readers. TOOTLES


Skin: Lara Hurley– Iza applier for Lelutka

Head: Lelutka– Stella

Body: Maitreya– Lara Mesh Body

Eyes: IKON– Odyssey eyes in Sky

Hair: no.match- No Trouble @ Hair Fair 2015

Headpiece: Wicca’s Wardrobe- Kandira Headpiece in silver @ The Instruments

Tattoo: Letis Tattoo– Inermis sleeves

Bracelets: Pure Poison– Danielle Bracelets

Dress: Wicca’s Wardrobe- Agony Dress in black @ The Instruments

Shoes: Wicca’s Wardrobe- Mannon Spiked Heels @ The Instruments

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Give me 50!

I seem to be taking a lot of suggestive pictures lately… I can’t say that I really mind considering that I do consider myself a sexual person, but this is actually for a good reason, I promise! Most have heard of the book 50 Shades of Grey. I haven’t been able to read the book… but I have wanted to. I know the movie is coming out in February, and I will probably be more likely to see the movie before I have a chance to read anything other than a school book. UBER is doing the 50 shades theme for October. I love these kinds of events and themes, so I needed to jump at the chance to show you a couple of items released. Also, I am rather happy, but this is my first post in the Belleza Venus Mesh body. I would do a full post on the body, but sadly, there are about a million of them and not really any need to add my two cents about it all. Anyway…. I have a lot of things I could say with this photo considering what was going on as I was taking it… but I will pass 🙂 *coughs* That will have to wait, because I may say too much since it is rather late for me. Just go enjoy UBER… it begins tonight! TOOTLES



Skin– Belleza- Yasmin in Sunkissed

Body: Belleza- Venus Mesh Body

Blindfold– Etchaflesh- Black Silk Blindfold

Hair– TRUTH- Vixen in Light Browns @ UBER: October

Jewelry- Pure Poison- Krysten Collar in Silver

Shoes– L.Warwick- Validation platform wedges in black @ UBER: October

Go Pale

The best part about Second Life is that we can be whatever we choose to be. I first began SL a little over four years ago, and I use to be so pale. I am naturally pale in RL and there is no way I can tan. I have tried and it turns into “spots” as my son calls my freckles. I decided to be something I couldn’t in SL about two years ago and I went tan. I haven’t really looked back. I decided to look back today for the first time when I put on this PixyStix Oona skin which is only 10L for the Rock Your Rack Hunt. You heard me right… 10L!!!! With this you get all the appliers as well… This does include the Slink Physique Mesh Body applier which I am wearing above. You also have the option of cleavage or no cleavage and four different types of eyebrow arches. I am also wearing hte Oona shape with this skin. Also in the hunt, Moondance Boutique has put out the Wings of Hope Necklace (above). There will be three full sims for you to explore and hunt in so please take some time to look in every store while you are there. Remember, the proceeds go towards the National Breast Cancer Foundation. So many events coming up and this is just one! Happy Shopping… TOOTLES



Skin– PixyStix- Oona in cream @ Rock Your Rack (hunt item)

Shape– PixyStix- Oona shape @ Rock Your Rack

Body: Slink- Physique Mesh Body

Eyes– IKON- Lucid Eyes in Frostbite

HairTRUTH– Genesis in black and whites pack

Dress– Pure Poison- Black Goizane Dress

Jewelry- Moondance Boutique- Wings of Hope Necklace @ Rock Your Rack (hunt item)