Spring Stroll

It seems like my SL lately has been nothing but some bumpy road… ya know the ones you see in RL that have the warning signs up on the really tight curves. Except the downfall with SL is there are no signs… there is nothing warning you when things are about to blow up in your face. Everyone in SL that has been there for a little bit knows what I am referring to. When you can’t see what is around the curve and you crash and burn bad. You see the smooth spot in the road but then your waiting for the hydroplaning to begin. I figured a path to walk around would be perfect for today. Just one of those days I guess! I did have to stop and write some stuff down and of course capture a photo so you can see what is up for grabs at Hello Tuesday today. I have two items that are up for grabs on and I love both of them very much. My dress is by FOREVER SUMMER and is called the yellow checks vintage strapless dress. It is very vintage and part of me wanted to go to some vintage sims but I wasn’t feeling like tp’ing around all afternoon. Also, my necklace is the Jeweled Owl necklace by Phoebe. This is the 2nd week they have created something for me to blog and I think this designer is quickly becoming a favorite for fun jewelry. On your sim travels today please make the Hello Tuesday event one of your stops! You will love it 🙂 TOOTLES


I’ll Roll You For It

Life is a game of luck and I think I like my chances with these dice to roll! Some fun Mesh Mouth Love Dice are up for grabs at this weeks Hello Tuesday sale. I usually don’t do the mouth pieces like this. I wouldn’t normally walk around in RL like this of course but neither would I feel comfy walking around in a bikini so why not try something new. These dice have some nice possibilities that can come your way. They are created by Phoebe ~ Piercings & more. Please go check out their store at the Cosmopolitan sim along with many other fabulous sales going on today only! TOOTLES