The Girl Behind the Mask

“We understand how dangerous a mask can be. We all become what we pretend to be.”
― Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind


Skin: Lara Hurley– Fae

Body: Maitreya– Lara mesh Body

Head: TheMeshProject– Classic Deluxe head

Hair: Exile- Scribbled Hearts @ Collabor88 

Corset: Belleposes– Burlesque corset comes with prop chair

Necklace: lassitude & ennui- Forget me not necklace @ Collabor88 

Mask: Scene- So Vain half mask w/ hud @ The Vanity Fair

Pose: NanTra- Social Climber pack @ The Vanity Fair

Birthday Girl

Today is my birthday!!!! *Does a birthday dance* There have been some rather surprising turns in the last 24 hours… but all in all I am happy and one year older and one year wiser. I am excited to see where this next year leads me. I have spent the last year blogging and getting stronger in my skills. It is still a hit and miss kind of thing, but I am looking forward to another year of growth with my favorite hobby. One thing that I know stands true… I blog what I like and that will not change. Would like to say a special thank you to all of my friends and family who have sent their greetings and well wishes. love you all! ❤ TOOTLES


Skin– 7 Deadly s{K}ins- Malena special version 1 @ Boho Culture Fair III

Eyes– IKON- Hope Eyes in Nymph

Hair–  [^.^Ayashi^.^]- Alma hair @ Boho Culture Fair III

Dress– [::JesyDream::]- Boho dress @ Boho Culture Fair III

Jewelry- Bliensen + MaiTai- Windchimes necklace common gatcha @ Boho Culture Fair III

Pose- {NanTra}- Laurel Canyon pose pack @ Boho Culture Fair III

Location: The Dirty Grind @ Jasmine’s Hollow 

Something To Cheer About

Football season started this past weekend!!! I am so excited because this is my season to veg out on my couch and watch every game that I possibly can on my TV. I am a HUGE Alabama fan and I am super hyped about the new playoff system. Yes, most blogs are read by women… but I know quite a few women who are just as big of a football fan as I am. Any predictions this year? I predict I will be shopping when not watching football and there are some great finds going on. Cosmopolitan has pretty much everything you can want… and then L.Warwick has put out these fabulous flat durable shoes at Uber. Do not look at me strange if I start breaking out into a cheer in the middle of stores because I am just that excited… TOOTLES



Skin– .::WOW Skins::.- Eshe in Dark Tan w/appliers @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Eyes– [Buzz]- Crystal Eye in Ice

Hair– [RA]- Jane V2 @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Outfit and glasses– NS::- Sport Gym outfit (comes with sneakers and bag not pictured) @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room 

Shoes– [L.Warwick]- Sawtooth Flats in Slate @ UBER

Pose– {NanTra}- Cheer-ocracy @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Back to the Basics

Guess who is back!!!! I took a little RL trip with the in laws and I can assure you… my life is completely changed! I am now clinging to my house not wanting to leave it for a little while. When I say it was bad… there is no other way to describe how this past week has been. I spent the week tuning out the nonsense and went straight into planning what all I would love to do when I returned to SL. Changing up my blog layout along with many other changes are going to start taking place. I am going to take some “me” time more often and get to know what I enjoy more in SL. You will begin to see more experimental photos as well as the regular blog photos. Just doing my thing. 🙂

Even though I have been on vacation, SL didn’t stop and so I am coming in mid round with Cosmopolitan Sales Room. There are some fabulous designers and some that are very new for everyone. I had a hard time deciding what to show first, but hope you enjoy! TOOTLES


Skin– Lara Hurley – Ivy in natural tan

Body: Slink- Physique Mesh Body

Eyes– [Buzz]- Crystal eyes in Ice

Hair– Miss C.- Angel in Ginger @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Dress– !Lyrical B!zarre Templates!- Daze @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Shoes– Essez- Athens @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Poses- {NanTra}- Ain’t She Sweet w/ candy purse prop @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Fence– BananaN- Garden fence with fae lights @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Hardcore Princess


I have taken a switch! I am in a more hard cord mood. Yeah I am not really a hard core kind of person or even a more rocker kind of person, but I am tired of being the sweet well put together person everyone sees all the time. I do have more of an edgier side. I have let other people dictate my style and have been told “that’s not you” by several people when I have decided to go on the darker side of SL. I think this is why SL is here… so that we can have an outlet for what we are feeling at the time. Well I can tell you.. you will be seeing me a tad bit different in the upcoming weeks. Be prepared!!! It may come as a slight shock 🙂 TOOTLES



Skin– :Modish: – Nyva skin in Honey

EyesIKON– Spectral Eyes in Nymph

Hair– *~*Damselfly*~*- Bradelle Mesh Hair @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Jacket– NS::- Animal Print Zebra Jacket @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Pants– ALYCE- Skinny Pants @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Tattoo- *HelloMyDeer*- Kado Tattoo @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Shoes– *PROMAGIC*- Pencil Shoes (Slink High Add on) @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Poses- {Nantra}- Purple Rain @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Glowing Affair

Over the past 24 hours I have felt a sort of edge… a shift in my style if you wanna call it that. Sometimes I go for he cute sweet look but other times (like now) I want to go for the more edgy and harder look. For some that means adding a ton of facial piercings or tattoos but not for this gal. I honestly believe this new round at Cosmopolitan Sales Room will suit my mood swing just nicely! I was even more excited to see one of my favorite designers create a Wowmeh applier dress! .:Glow Designs:. has created this GG Dress in many different colors, but for my bold look I picked a bright red. This dress comes with all your standard appliers, but now includes the Wowmeh applier for the Wowmeh mesh body which I have blogged previously. I am going to be seen in this dress for a while since I got all of them. 🙂 The only added part is the mesh panel for the skirt which you do need to add or else you just look like your wearing a strapless capri body suit which isn’t bad but I do like this much better. The one thing I do enjoy the most about wearing clothes with the Wowmeh body instead of my Lolas and Cute azz is that there are no added lines or no adjusting the boobs to fit just right with the shirt layer. This goes on and looks like it could be a mesh dress.

You can also find all needed accessories at CSR. My jewelry came from [E.C] Jeweler. This does not come as a set, but you can purchase the unisex Eon necklace and the Silver watch and bracelet set separately. If you look lower, you will see that I have paired the [hh] Nicola Chain Heels with the dress to match the jewelry. These shoes are a slink medium feet add on. There are so many amazing shoes to pick from, but I can only wear one at a time. 🙂 All of the poses you see here are created by {NanTra} and are called Vignette. You can pick these up at Cosmopolitan Sales Room as well! Happy a Happy Shopping Day! TOOTLES


Dip Me In Blue


Bringing you new exclusives from the FashionArt Fair! Another release from *~*Damselfly*~* called Trinity. I decided to use the faded option to match the blue in this dress made by Modas Second called Ethnic in blue. This dress is more like a halter dress but I do love that the top feels more like a blouse. This is certainly one of my favorite dresses and I will be seen wearing this outfit around a lot. I even took off to the Fantasy Faire to take these photos. Also, I wanted to show a couple of poses from the Kinetic pose pack created by {NanTra}. Poses always seem to get the back seat when it comes to blogs. I know I do not give credit myself every time I use a pose because sometimes I end up changing them with my Animare HUD to fit the exact photo I am looking for. Not that the poses aren’t brilliant… but when you get an idea of a picture in your head, you are stuck with that! I am lazy so searching around for the right and perfect pose is hard for me but {NanTra} always makes it. I never have to edit their poses and it seems to always fit me perfectly with no sharp crazy angles on my photos. This pose pack also comes with mirror poses just in case you were wanting something a little different. LOVE these poses! Check out the FashionArt fair NOW before it is too late! For those friends of mine who always forget what events are going on… I won’t let you forget this one! TOOTLES


What Can You Do With Your Mouth?


The Rock Attitude fashion fair is in full swing… so much to see so much to try and even more to buy, beware lindens you won’t last long… well I know mine wont! There are so many amazing designers contributing there time to make exclusives for this fair… which you need to have it’s a necessity. One being these Red Trousers with suspenders I’m wearing from ::KK::. I can’t help but fall in love with this designer. I had only found out about ::KK:: a month ago and I can’t keep myself away from buying everything. The trousers look so good, as you could imagine from such a great designer. They have a retro sort of feeling to them to me. They make a fab addition to any outfit. The next item at RAFF is this tank. I saw this tank top made by *SSC* and my eyes lit up and a smile appeared on my face. You always have to have that one top with a funny message on it so everyone can see just how wild you really are! The top comes in with many different messages and they are worth a look. Try something new and see how it works for you. Impulse buys are sometimes my favorite. While your at RAFF I highly recommend checking out the Male pose pack called Rebel made by {Nantra}. It comes with 6 poses plus another 6 which are mirrors of the previous. This is a dream come true for me. I always have that one pose where I need to be facing the other way, but it’s just not there. {Nantra} has thought of it all and I’m so happy they have. Now you can have twice the fun with mirrored poses. hope you like what you see and that you head on down to RAFF, you won’t regret it.

– Steve


Let Me Rock You


I feel like singing a sweet tune every time I have one of my sponsors doing the same fairs as the ones I blog. It makes me feel good to be able to help put their items out there for everyone to see and appreciate just as much as I do. Haute Couture is one of my favorite designers and I was thrilled when she asked me to blog for her. I was even more thrilled to see her designs at the Rock Attitude Fashion Fair. This Attitude top in plum is one of her amazing designs. You can’t see it from my photos, but most of the back is out with a lovely spiked strap across the back. You can pick this top up in 5 different shades. Also, everyone knows I am a sucker for amazing and different poses. {NanTra} has released the songbird blogger pack which are available at the Rock Attitude Fashion Fair. The poses come with the microphone that you see in these pictures. I hope you take advantage of the fair as soon as you can! Why wait? TOOTLES


Where’s The Party


I have the itch to get to a concert… a RL one yes, but a SL one will do for now I think. Alas, I finally find a concert place and… it’s empty! 😦


I guess instead of listening to some awesome live music, I will just tell you what I am wearing instead. You knew I was going to go there regardless. Get ready because it is quite a bit. First, a new round at Cosmopolitan Sales Room is going on. I am wearing the Venom Blues pants by HEYDRA, the Lambs and Demons tattoo by [ZENTRO], and the Pastel pack of lipstick by VIVID. ALL of these items you can find at the Cosmo room until February 15th! Do not wait because you will not be able to find these items at such an amazing price. Stop in and see for yourself 🙂 As for the rest of my outfit… my hair is Eva by *Milk*, my necklace is Always in your chain by *May’s Soul*, my shirt is the Mjrie top from Baiastice, and my shoes are a color change sneaker from (SP). The poses that I am using are also available at the Cosmopolitan Sales Room and are the Musing Blogger Pack by {NanTra}.


I hope you have better luck than I do at finding a concert or some kind of party going on. Off to hunt for other places now… TOOTLES!