Something Extra


It’s another week and that means another Hello Tuesday! I have something really sweet for you to try out. This amazing beanie from N.M is a steal. If you are feeling a little rebellious then pick up this beanie for a little something extra. The colours just pop and the mesh itself is stunning. I can’t complain about the price either which is set at L$45!!!! Most guys don’t think to add something to just a shirt and jeans, but just adding a hat like this beanie really can change an outfit and draw attention your way. Do you like to stand out or just blend in? Come on down to the Cosmopolitan Sales Room sim and check out all the great Hello Tuesday deals available today!


Bad Boys

CSR top and jeans (2)

New round and a whole bunch of new goodies at the new location of Cosmopolitan Sales Room,¬†You guys need to see this place it’s looking great! For us guys there isn’t too much to choose from, but what there is being offered, is of good quality and it’s CHEAP! bargain! You can’t say no to that.

For my first blog for the Cosmopolitan Sales room… I’m wearing the IAF Men’s jacket, it comes in 6 different versions and all the sizes you could ask for. If your looking for that bad-boy look I do think this jacket is what your searching for. I’m definitely going to be making a new style around this jacket, got to rock that bad-boy look to impress the ladies. The skinny jeans from N.M look superb and get this they are FREE! all you have to do is join the group and get them as a gift, how can you turn that down, the answer is… you can’t. Happy Shopping!