Variation Tuesday


That day of the week has come around again… It’s Tuesday and you know what that means! Hello Tuesdays at Cosmopolitan Sales Room of course! Great items with great prices and zero reasons not to check it out. I have a little taster here for you, from Munereia, which is another version of the outfit I did the other week just with a different top design. Munereia knows what we like and that’s variety. Grab this outfit and many more jaw dropping designs at this weeks Hello Tuesday sale. Every Tuesday these designers put out amazing deals for 50% off or 50L… you can’t complain! Come on down and take a look!

– Steve


Here’s To The Night


Strangers come and go, but friends stick around! No matter how much you act up they are always going to be there for you. That’s how you tell between a friend and best friend, the one with open arms giving you a chance for forgiveness. Friendship in SL is a really big part for me, meeting and making new friends is what I love about SL So many interesting and wonderful people you can meet on here and also the ones you keep mean a lot. I can honestly say the friends I have right now have changed my life for the better. I do not have to fear being myself around them and I’m a man who loves everything about fashion. SL lets me express that and I truly love what I do here. One place I have found to help me along with my fashion adventure is Cosmopolitan Sales Room. They always surprise me with what the designers are producing and the price of it all for such great quality. There is so much variety in what each round brings. So many choices and so little time to enjoy it all. This week I decided to go for something with grit and that’s what I found with the Amazing outfit from Munereia. There’s nothing over fancy about it, making it the ideal outfit for just a random night out to the clubs or whatever you’d like. Tt can be worn in any situation and you’d fit right in. The outfit is made up of the Top and jeans, and it also comes with a great hud letting you choose between blue and grey jeans which is something I haven’t seen in a while, the ability to change what colour jeans you have without having to buy 2 pairs. Thank you Munereia for that thinking of our Lindens =D Also, you can change the top with 8 different colours. Pictured above is the hud beside the outfit as a whole. Have you bought it yet?  Oh and did I mention it’s part of the Hello Tuesday sale going on around the Cosmopolitan sim.  Go grab it while it’s cheap. Really is worth it!


Hello Tuesdays

I am beginning to think that every day need to start with a moment to yourself. A moment to relax in bed and sip on a glass of wine and just have YOU time. Nothing wrong with taking a little time for yourself and certainly not to early for some wine. As I begin to settle into my routine with my wine, I want to introduce to you Hello Tuesday. I use to cover Slebrity Slection Street Sale, and since the Cosmopolitan Sales Room has moved, we are now calling it Hello Tuesday. Same rules.. either the item is 50L or 50% off… how can you beat this deal? Today I am wearing one of these Hello Tuesday items by Munereia. There are 4 sets to choose from and each set comes with a color hud to change the patterns of this top and skirt. What I currently have on is the Relajarse set. The fit is just lovely and it reminds me that spring is almost near! Can you hear my cheers? lol Run over to the Cosmopolitan Sales Room and each shop outside of the room holds a sign out front with the stores item listed for sale. Hurry because this only lasts for today! TOOTLES