SL Gives You Wings

When I was thinking about the idea around the photo here I was watching TV and heard an old commercial for red bull. Now, red bull doesn’t give you wings but I get the idea. What is something that gives you energy and makes you want to get things done? GREAT QUESTION Tessa… that is what your saying right now I can just feel it! SL gives me wings! Specifically in this post these wings are from Dead Dollz at We ❤ RP. They are awesome and I always love adding wings to my collection of items. Plus it’s Dead Dollz so you know they are fabulous! So, it just so happened that Berry posted yet another Monday Meme which went with my idea about SL giving me wings. Kind of more like the reasons that I come back and keep coming back.

Meme instructions: Share your answers to the following suggestions. Don’t forget to link your post in the comments. 

Two online screen names you’ve had: one was carrottop51 because I am a redhead… was more of a joke but well… yeah. the other was tjoy51. My middle name is Joy so I just always called myself joy 🙂

Two video games you’ve played: I use to really be addicted to the Sims. I played a few online only games but can’t remember the names it has been so long! When I found SL I pretty much stopped everything else

Two things you love about Second Life: That you can be anything and do anything. It is the sim on serious hyperdrive which I think is my attraction. I love that you can meet people from everywhere and have these deep connections with people.

Two things you’ve done in Second Life: just two? I once took a building class (I was horrible) and I began blogging after considering it for a couple of years. I got the courage one day and just did it.

Two things you still want to do in Second Life: I want to learn to make mesh clothing (no time to just sit here and do it) and I want to try to discover a new sim every week that hasn’t been passed around to people yet.

Two things you like about your Second Life avatar: I like that I am all mesh! I also love that I can change any time I like into something totally different and shock some people

Two of your Second Life Pet Peeves: People who IM you for sex when your shopping (happened in C88) and people who can’t read profiles or who think they are too busy for that so why bother? (I have information there before you contact me about photography)

Two things you did as a newb that you’re embarrassed of: At the time it was very embarrassing but I think I mainly just laugh now. I once was on the phone and didn’t realize that my voice was checked so everyone around me at the club heard my phone conversation. the 2nd one I am not going to say because I am still extremely embarrassed over it. I know I was a noob but… would rather not write it down for just everyone to read 🙂

Two of your closest friends in Second Life: hmm just two? My partner is Tony and he is certainly my best friend in SL. The 2nd would have to be my sister Tempest who I have known the longest also

Two of the most beloved things in your inventory: All my mesh body parts. They are in one folder so they count as one 🙂 the 2nd would have to be my photo folder. these are photos that I have uploaded in SL of my family and friends. Memories mean the most to me.

For the record, this would be two memes I have gotten to do this week. I think I have like 3 more to catch up on so stay tuned! Also, I am having a blast with these fantasy photos. Can you tell? Maybe I am just preparing for the Fantasy Faire coming up end of the month. hehe! TOOTLES


Skin: Glam Affair– Katra

Body: Maitreya– Lara Mesh Body

Head: TheMeshProject– Classic Deluxe

Hair:TRUTH– Effie in light brown

Wings: Dead Dollz- Starfly wings in pink @ We ❤ RP

Dress: Dead Dollz- Starfly dress in white @ We ❤ RP

Pose: Eternal Dream Poses– Free Fly

The Little Mermaid

Meme instructions: Dress up your avatar as a character from a movie.

I had a few movies in mind when it came to this Monday Meme from Strawberry Singh. I loved her Labyrinth movie photos. How could I forget that movie! I still love to sit down and watch it, but haven’t gotten my son interested in it just yet. A few of my ideas ranged from Gone with the Wind, The Goonies, Radio Flyer, Star Wars, and even ET. I guess most girls would say I had a weird taste in what I liked in movies. One movie though that I remember watching over and over as a kid was The Little Mermaid. I was kind of obsessed because for some odd reason I felt like her. I never felt like I belong in a certain place sometimes and of course having the red hair was a given. Instead of doing a scene right out of The Little Mermaid, I decided to do my own interpretation of it, which of course is what most of these will be. I give major kudos to anyone who can do a direct replica of a scene from their movie. Well… just a short post for today… Mondays are as usual.. TOOTLES!


Skin: Glam Affair – Cleo (extra scales not included)

Body: Maitreya– Lara Mesh Body

Tail: Mer-chandise cove– Tahitian Pearl Tail

Bra: Deviance– Shell Top aquatic pack

Hair: Argrace– Akane hair

Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer– Spakley Peark cuff and Inlaid seahorse ring

Pose: LostAngeL Industries– Enchanting Siren

Hot Mess #SecondLifeProblems

I have promised myself that I would start trying to participate in Strawberry’s Monday Memes. I was completely tickled pink to see that this week’s post was about #SecondLifeProblems. I have seen so many people posting things and some I can relate to and others I am left scratching my head and saying that this never happens to me. I read the description of the blog post and OMG I had no issues knowing exactly which one mine would be.

I know this happens to other people! Mostly women I think, but it has probably happened to you at one point in your SL life even if it was a small folder. When I get dressed in SL, I detach everything that i am wearing and its basically like starting from scratch. Like a new clothing fabric painting every time I decide I want to dress or style. Well… the Detach all and wear all button on a folder is very close… and I use a laptop so my finger slips and BAM I am the beautiful hot mess that you see above. If this has happened to you, you have to detach and then more adds on and then detach again and relog and character retest and then another relog. If you see me going off and online a lot then this is more than likely what happened. I have done this so often that a few friends have come over to take screenshots of my hot messness. I always like to make a game out of it. Can turn anything into a good thing right? A skill test for those who like to be able to recognize hair by just looking at it, so I always like to play “Name That Hair” when this happens. Can you pick some of these out in the photos yourself? Now, I need to remind everyone that I have about 10k worth of hairs in my inventory. No Lie! It is my obsession in SL and am proud to say I own just about every hair I have come across. Who knows… I may NEED this hair for something. Hoarder possibly? Stop judging me! well this is my major problem in SL… one that definitely doesn’t apply in RL! Have a great day and dont forget to check out Berry’s blog linked above and the Flickr group which will have many many more posts I am sure! Had a BLAST! TOOTLES.


Skin: {AIMI}–  Emily in Natural with Maitreya mesh body applier

Body: Maitreya– Lara Mesh Body

Eyes: {S0NG}– Chibi cold eyes

Lipstick: Pink Fuel– Essential LIpsticks in red

Dress: Maitreya– Dakota dress in Emerald Chiffon

Hairs: This is your job to guess! ;P

Color Me Green


Meme instructions: Blog a picture of your favorite color or a variety of colors that you like.

Today, Strawberry Singh challenged us all in her Monday Meme with photographing our favorite color. There is no secret to those who know me that my favorite color is green. I would probably wear green every day of the week if possible, but I challenge myself constantly to buy something different. I do not bring you anything exciting or new with this blog… I just wanted to actually blog something on time. 🙂

This is rare that I see something and blog on it the same day.  I am always prepared for something. I like to have about two or three blogs already finished and ready to post before I feel comfortable enough to relax. I think that is partially my OCD kicking in, but really I just never like to be late or say no to blogging. Yes, this is my addiction! First step is to admit it right? This completely drives me to want my own Monday Meme… What is your addiction? What can you possibly not want to live without? I have them in RL as well but for SL I just have to say it is blogging! I do not mean just creating blogs but also reading them. I am in several blogging groups in SecondLife and also on Facebook. I love to watch others create and share their love of SL with me. Some have an addiction to blogging fashion and others may write more lifestyle pieces or exploration blogs. Regardless of what is written…. It is completely fascinating for me to read! Although most people tell you to kick your habit, this is one I will not be kicking and I am proud to say I am an addict.


Hair: Sarah by /Wasabi Pills/

Eyes: Field Promise Eyes by IKON

Jewelry: Tarentella gypsy dancer earrings, Bali Gypsy hand jewelry, and Bali Gypsy necklace by Maxi Gossamer

To those who are like me or who are just interested to see whatever I decide to write down.. Thank you! Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my jumbled up thoughts and ideas. TOOTLES!!

Spring Meme

Well I figured I would do my 2nd meme. I feel like I have a little more time this week to participate and this makes me happy 🙂 Along with Spring coming of course.

Meme Instructions: Share a spring-themed picture and/or answer the following questions about the season.

  1. What is the spring season like where you live? – Well I am from Alabama… right now it is usually warmer with some rain between… but since I moved to Pennsylvania, the weather has been horrible. We just had the worse winter up here in a long time and it being 40 degrees this time of year is not my cup of tea!
  2. What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you think of spring? – It has been a long time but I think back to my days in high school and college when we would all drive down to the beach.. it was only 30 min away… and would just spend the week doing stupid things. I really do mean stupid things!!!
  3. Which spring-themed sim in Second Life is your favorite at the moment? – This one is tough for me because there are so many… but I always go back to my favorite which is the Calas Galadhon Park Sims. It is a collection of amazing well built sims… so not just one place 🙂 I took my photos there today and I have gotten myself lost among the many different sims to cross into. A stunning place to check out!


There are a ton of amazing spring designs also available at the Cosmopolitan Sales Room if you would like to do this meme as well. My dress is the Lace Paisley mini dress made by AUSHK’A & CO. There is a hud that comes along when you buy each pack so that you may swap between colors. I picked the colorful pack because I always love the brighter colors this time of year. My earrings are the Paris Earrings from .:Glow Designs:.. You can get these as a fatpack in silver, black, and gold. Everyone loves Paris and these earrings are so bold! I love them 🙂 I also used the Casual poses for women made by BEPPIN !. I always feel I can never have too many poses. I honestly feel like half my inventory is just strictly poses! Please come on down to the Cosmopolitan Sales Room and complete your spring wardrobe! TOOTLES