Summer, Where Are You?


It’s a hard life being British! The weather is never settling… one day it’s perfect sunshine and the next it’s freezing winds and raining… you just can’t win. Spending the day at the seaside on the weekend is one of our many traditions, but what do you wear? The weather can turn awful in a split second. Luckily, I found this great hoodie from Meshtheory to keep me warm into the evening and able to enjoy the night life and not stick out like a sore thumb! Pair it with some shorts and you will be ready for whatever comes. Jump on down to Cosmopolitan Sales Room and pick this hoodie up and keep warm holding out till summer can get here.

Night Out


Being the shy and nervous guy I am, I tend not to get out into SL’s crazy social life. I have my few close friends that I talk to but other than that, I just do my blogging and stay at home styling and listening to some music. One of my friends noticed that I don’t get out at all so she forced me to try something new. The question that always runs through my mind is what do I wear. So many options! I want to look good but not like I’m trying to hard. First thought that comes to mind is a long sleeved shirt and then… bam… I had it! The new Winchester shirt from Mesh Theory is the top every man should own. It’s a bit baggy and un-buttoned showing everyone that your laid back and not so serious, just in the mood for some fun. You are also able to look a little more dressy and business like with this shirt. Who knows, maybe I will find a nice women to take out. Anyone interested? If you like the look of the top, head on down to the Cosmo sales room and see what kind of mood you can create for yourself. There is a lot more where this shirt came from also, so be open to anything and everything! Now time for me to head out..

– Steve

Gotta Love Cosmo


Today I bring you two Stylish casual tops both available at the Cosmopolitan Sales Room, the first top being this smart simple dress shirt which comes from Motivaction. It’s super well done textures are simply amazing. It’s one of them shirts that you can recommend to anyone and everyone. We do all like to dress up a bit, looking sharp and stylish, and this shirt is a must have for that occasion. It also comes with this nifty Hud allowing you to change between 5 different colours and 3 button colours.


The second top is a turtle-neck from Mesh Theory. Spring is here yes, but the chilly air is still around. This turtle-neck is the right attire to wear in such a situation. You can choose between 5 colours and it comes in many sizes to fit all. It is something I will be adding to the winter wear wardrobe for sure. If you like the look of these tops then head on down to the CSR. They have a lot more great clothes there! Check it out 🙂

– Steve