Variety Wins


Nothing is better than a fresh, crisp well fitting suit. It certainly separates the men from the boys. It shows that you have style and class which is hard to find in men these days. If you make an effort in how you dress it’s sure to make a good impression. I’m making an effort than this suit from “Just because”. This suit to me says that you can be elegant but still simple while not being too flashy. Just screams plain old fashioned class. Personally, I only own two suits, which is not enough if I’m being honest. The more variety of suits the better it is. Most of us have enough outfits that we don’t have to look the same all the time, but what about suits? When you put a suit on is it the same one that you put on the last time you needed it? Why not be different each time? You would think you could wear a suit like this just on special occasions, but no that’s the great thing about SL, you can wear what ever you want anywhere you want, and no one cares. Like today, I was wearing my suit while going shopping for beachwear. Who cares what people think of you as long as your happy doing it and not hurting anyone all is fine. Menswear Fashion Week 2014 is soon upon us! Head down there on the 25th April until the 3rd May. While there, try out this suit plus so many more amazing designs that you will find to add some variety to your wardrobe. 

– Steve


Beach, Here I Come!


Being a male blogger in SL can have it’s challenges, but it can be very rewarding as well. People also say male fashion does not get half as much attention as women here and yes that may be true, but the thing you need to look at is quality over quantity. Women have tons and tons of options to choose from. I am personally glad that I don’t have so many options because I have a hard time choosing in the first place. You still need to be very careful when looking. Not all clothing is created equal so it helps that The Menswear Fashion Week is approaching. You will be able to check out all the best Men’s fashion has to offer at the up coming event. One designer that is going to be there is “Just because”. I am showing off there amazing Dash shorts and Jordan shirt, both of these beautiful creations are perfect for them warm days out at the beach. Both come in many different colours, this even makes me feel spoiled for choice. I’m going to have no lindens left but so many amazing designs 🙂 every man needs to check out this event, emphasis on NEEDS!!

– Steve