Where is Prince Charming?

By now I think most people would love a break from the Valentines sweet stuff that is going on. This is why I love I and R Fun with Hunts… they have created a Finding the Fairytale hunt just for a break. Now your fairytale could be a prince charming for valentines and that is all well and good… but take a look at some of the items that you will find during the hunt and a general break from all of the events and fairs! Hope you enjoy! TOOTLES


Skin: Lara Hurley– Fae (Maitreya applier)

Body: Maitreya– Lara mesh body

Head: TheMeshProject– Classic deluxe

Hair: Spellbound– Gwendalynn hair with crown

Dress: *{Junbug}*– La Bellezza in Nero

Hunt items:

Seat: [Park Place]- Fantasy Red Lily seat @ Finding the Fairytale hunt

Hearts:Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop- Red Hearts walkway @ Finding the Fairytale Hunt

Carriage: Strange Addiction- Cute Carriage @ Finding the Fairytale Hunt


Heebie Jeebie Hunt

Heebie Jeebie Hunt Sign

Not much time to sit around and chat today… have had the last 24 hours of trick or treat… someone forgot my dang treat! Halloween came early for me, but you can celebrate the entire month with the Heebie Jeebie hunt… 1L per each item and so many goodies to get. You can find a list of stores that are participating here on the I & R Hunt blog. I hope to see you creeping around hunting for this stuff. BTW… lets make it even more fun and we should all wear a costume on this hunt! I wait all year to wear costumes during Halloween… be ready to see some fun stuff this month! TOOTLES

Cabinet- Cake Fox Mainstore- Purple Bat Shelf

Table- Kittycat’s Creations- Spider Table

Pictures- crow- snake prints

Around the Grid in 80 Days Hunt Preview 1

I seem to have a busy plate lately… No time for waiting around for something to do like I use to do. Because of this, I have had to create a list of items to do and get motivated. It isn’t hard to get motivated to blog things, but sometimes I have to have an idea in mind to put down. My idea today was to relax and go on a hunt. The Around the Grid in 80 days hunt started this past week and thank goodness we have 80 days (September 30th) … There are so many designers I have currently lost count! Each item is 1L to purchase, which… lets face it… that is a freaking deal!!! You can check out all the designers and their hints on the I & R’s Fun With Hunts blog.

                             StoraxTree: Hint- look near hunt poster

To open these items, I decided to take a trip to the beach. This adorable Taxi by StoraxTree was a perfect way to get there. It is drive-able, so there is hours of fun to be had! This is one of the hunt items available up for grabs. Such great items this year! While on this trip I came across this adorable sim called ..with love in her heart... You are allowed to rez here which is great! Another side note from the hunt items… 

                         Room Five- Hint: Did you get your “five” a day?

This adorable outfit is the hunt item set out by Room Five. The hat, purse, and dress that you see here is only just 1L if you can find the hunt item. 🙂 Also, this cute necklace is made by Exquisite Jewellery and comes with a male and female version as long as you can find the item. Don’t you just love hunts! Can spend hours just looking for that one item that you want oh so badly! 🙂 Good luck with all the hunting and please stay tuned for even more previews which will be coming along the way. Plenty of time and plenty of designers! TOOTLES

                           Exquisite Jewellery: Hint- Have a seat


Jelly Bean Hunt Preview 3


Ahhh more time for hunting in the past week and have had a blast 🙂 So many great items in the Jelly Bean Hunt it is a tad overwhelming! I am wanting to bring you a sneak peak of some of these items that have been opened so far. Hunts for me are hard because I end up just listing things out but thats probably easier for all. Here we go…


  • Dress: Glam Dreams Simplicity Mini in red ; Hint: “You might find a sexy jelly bean just sitting around”.
  • Jewelry: Freya’s Finest Lollipop Jewerly ; Hint: I will be using a hint giver board next to reception desk – the gift will move around the store during the hunt
  • Textures: Texture Me True : Hint: Jelly Beans, what a bright idea


Remember, You can always go to the hunts blog site and find the links to all of the stores in the hunt and the hints listed there as well! TOOTLES

Vinyl jelly bean belt texture poster viewer combo

Jelly Bean Hunt Preview 2

I have spent the last few days getting my home ready for spring. One of my favorite things is the colorful gardens throughout SL and making my home look that way is a major goal for me. I am not amazing at it, but I have fun doing it. I figured why not help myself out by doing the Jelly Bean Hunt. Easter is fast approaching and there are so many amazing items up for grabs. Instead of hunting for Easter eggs, hunt for items you can use to decorate your place. Welcome spring with open arms and let it fill up your SL. Your RL may not be all sunshine… heck its still freezing where I live… but I always feel warmer when I have a nice place to relax in SL.


Going to start with another list! I know how much you love these but it just seems easier if I do them for the hunts… I like to be able to at least add the hints. You can go to the I & R Fun with Hunts blog and get the links to each store there. So here we go again…

  • Window Planters- StoraxTree: Thatched Spring Planter C ; Hint- look near hunt poster
  • Egg decor- Designs by Sebastian: Easter gift silver ; Hint – Baskets and eggs here and there, near one lies a a bean so fair



  • Mushroom- [Park Place] Garden mushroom seat ; Hint- The store’s a mess, we’re fixing up.
    Don’t let it hold you back.Walk in the front and to the left It’s by the FLOWER PLAQUE
  • Basket- You’re The One Animated Duck hatching Easter basket ; Hint- Quack, Quack!
  • Dress- ZEITGEIST: CLARA! minidress ; Hint- Not much to see UP here….
  • Shoes- Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes: Lindy Bally Pink and Lavender ; Hint-Would you like one bean or two? Oops, I meant lump!



To complete my look at my home… I think every lovely garden and home should have some sort of entrance. I just had to show off my new gate, fence, and planter from RVi Design. This stunning set is mesh and really sets off any home with a little extra flair. I wanted to give you a few details… You can purchase the gate and planters separate BUT you can also purchase this as a full set together. I was talking to Roshy and of course she was giving me fabulous ideas with what to do with it all. You can even make a secret garden feel by just putting the gate with a shrubbery wall which brings me back to the movie Secret Garden, but that is for another day! The planters I love because I have set them up around my home, not just on the fence! Currently these are a brand new release at her store and if you are a group member, you get 50% off!!!! She takes care of us all! They won’t be there very long so don’t wait. She releases new items all the time thank goodness. 🙂


Now that I have shown you a ton of things… your turn to be on the hunt and my turn to relax in my new spring garden! Please if you have any questions about any of the items that I blog, please feel free to IM me in world at Tessagrace51! TOOTLES

No April Fools

JBH Sign

This is no April Fools joke! The Jelly Bean Hunt begins today! Do not forget… you can get a list of the stores involved and the hints for each place with a landmark included from the I&R Fun With Hunts blog. Time to fill ya in on some of the items up for grabs. You can also see the items on the hunts blog, BUT I always like to put my twist on the items. So for your first preview…



  • Gachapon!: Gumball jewelry and hairsticks ; Hint:”NO! Don’t fly away with my jelly bean, blondie!”
  • MoonWillow Designs: Spring tie top with mini skirt ; Hint:Tip toe through the tulips
  • Cake Fox Decor: Cupcakes Ceiling Lamp ; Hint:”Real sugar, I don’t wanna climb the walls – Real sugar, that’s what I want or none at all”


  • Pretty Kitty Design: Spring time skirt, top, and heels (not pictured) ; Hint: The Other Jelly Beans Are Big, Furry And Try To Eat Me. 0-o


Wee Little Leprechaun Hunt Part 3

So about now… you may be getting a tad bit frustrated with the Wee Little Leprechaun Hunt. Hunts in SL are NOT easy… I don’t care what “they” say! I usually won’t go and try to find the items unless I have seen them so here are a few more pictures to let you know what is available. Remember… the hunt lasts until March 31st and it is 1L per hunt item and LMs and hints can be found at the I & R’s Fun With Hunts blog.

  • Potpourri Designs: Celtic Stone Screen Bench ; Hint: Look for the Four Leaf Clover
  • Naughty Naughty: Formal Sophisticate (also a male gift available) ; Hint: For St. Patricks I will look for the Emerald City

  • StoraxTree: Renaissance Rustic Armchair in Olive Emerald ; Hint: Look near the hunt sign
  • AmAzInNg CrEaTiOnS- Short Halter Dress (also item for men with different hint) ; Hint: 1) for the men gift : i will take my man for shopping he need new clothes  2)woman gift : its cold i need more suitable clothes to be warm

I hope you have seen some items that you truly can’t live without and take a chance doing the Wee Little Leprechaun Hunt! Have some fun with it 🙂 TOOTLES