I am going to go ahead and predict your future in this post… You will spend the next couple of hours TPing and trying to get into the two biggest events that start today. Shiny Shabby and the Vanity Fair both begin today and this will keep you busy for a little while. So… how did I do? Trying to get there yet? Well what are you waiting for? TOOTLES


Skin: Lara Hurley– Fae

Body:Maitreya– Lara Mesh Body

Head: TheMeshProject– Classic head deluxe

Hair:MINA- Kaya @ Shiny Shabby

Glasses: Izzie’s– Smart Chick Sunglasses

Jacket: HOLLYHOOD- Aqua Selita Coat @ Vanity Fair

Shoes: Essenz– New Orleans w/ slink and maitreya high add on

Pose: Le Poppycock– Beating Breast

P.S. I was listening to Uptown Girl by Bruno Mars while I was doing the photos for this post, so you can think him for the sas!


My Escape

This past week and weekend have been a slight strain for myself. I have been having to write this paper for one of my law classes on any topic of choice. Picking my topic wasn’t a hard choice, because I wanted something that had a ton of meaning for me and something that I could really dive into and put feeling behind. I picked Adoption Law… because I am adopted as well. I had to mostly focus on the law portions of this while adding in my own personal opinion. I honestly can’t help that my own personal opinion is so bias in this situation. Maybe picking a topic so close to home was a bad idea in this case. I spent half the paper crying. Why? I have no idea! Maybe just the overwhelming feeling hoping that other kids get the outcome that I had… or maybe I spent some of the time mourning a life that I might have had. It is a very strange feeling to be so conflicted in this. Adoption isn’t hard for me to talk about and it isn’t even hard for me to talk about what I do know about my birth parents. I often wonder just what traits I picked up from them. I even have been curious when I have met people in world if just maybe there was some relationship there to my biological family. I believe it is natural to question, but I have been asked if I want to find my birth family and the answer is always a large NO! I was given away for a reason… That reason is what keeps me from going to look. It just was a very sad and confusing weekend on top of having to write this rather large paper and create a power point. I just hope that I don’t break out into tears during my presentation in class. I have worked for years with support groups for adoptees and haven’t broken out in tears yet… so here’s to hoping!

My escape from these thoughts has always been SL. I think this is why I do spend a lot of alone time in SL. It is hard to feel like you belong when you have never felt that before. I think that is why most log in to SL. To feel something or do something that they can’t in RL. I am grateful to be able to log in and then write about things that I feel or stuff that I go through. It is probably a little better than walking right up to a complete stranger and spilling your guts than to have people walk up to you and wait to read what your going to put out there. Maybe that is why it has taken me so long to write something like this about myself. Anyway…. I am just grateful to have a distraction at this point. Cosmopolitan Sales Room started yesterday and so I went about with my shopping therapy, which turns out to be much cheaper in SL than if I participated in this in RL. Enjoy your new round of Cosmo and hope to see you out shopping! I apologize for my crazy rant… I really should post a warning somewhere when you open my blog that there may be more information than one cares to know! TOOTLES


Skin– Glam Affair- Cleo in Jamaica

Eyes– IKON- Hope Eyes in Nymph

Hair– MINA- Jaana hair in pastels @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Top– NS::- Tank top and Cardigan @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Pants– coldLogic- Jeggings in seyfried black

Shoes– HOLLYHOOD- Xaviera heels in white (slink high add on) @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Boat w/poses– [we’re CLOSED]- Row boat w/ dark grey drape @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room


I always hear people complaining about shoes. Most of the events you go to now have shoes prices at 300L and up for just one single pair of shoes. I am sorry, but if I am already paying almost L$700 per slink feet that I have purchased.. that means for 3 feet I have paid a little over L$2,100 for just the feet… then I am certainly not going to want to pay another 300 to 500 per shoe. This is why I am in love with places like Cosmopolitan Sales Room because the shoes are priced JUST right without feeling like your being ripped off. Here are a few of the ones you can find at the current round. Happy Shopping 🙂
{ZOZ} – Harmoney Heels in Blue (slink high add on) @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room
.:Glow Designs:. Crystal Stilettos in gold (slink high add on) @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room


HOLLYHOOD Black Machiano Boots (Slink high add on) @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room
[Aphrodisiac] Chevies in Mint (Slink high feet add on) @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room
.:Buttery Toast:. Clouds Forecast Flipflops (Slink flat add on in male and female) @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Rock on a Tuesday   Credits:

Skin– Lara Hurley – Ivy in natural tan

Body: Slink- Physique Mesh Body

Eyes– IKON- Spectral Eyes in Nymph

Hair– /Wasabi Pills/- Bambi in Seafoam

Headpiece– Poute- Floret flower hairpiece in red@ Hello Tuesday

Dress– [LG] Boutique- Feeling good @ Hello Tuesday

Jewelry– Zaara- Indra painted stacked bangles

Shoes– Hollyhood- Anita Thong Heels (slink high add on) @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Tattoo– Letis Tattoo- Tau Puppis (Slink Physique Hud)




Spring Canvas

It’s officially Spring… almost Summer but it doesn’t quite feel that way weather wise. Another fabulous thing… the FashionArt Fair starts TODAY @ 12pm SLT!!!!! I hope your just as excited as I am and no longer will you have to sit through all my previews, but you can go see it for yourself! Today, I bring you four more spectacular designs just for our pleasure. Lets go from head to toe shall we? My hair is a beautifully put together updo by *~*Damselfly*~* called Drewleigh. It is neat and messy all in one. There is really no other way to describe this unless you just go and try the demo. My necklace is the Pearl Drop Necklace by Frogstar and comes in four colors. The Iris tunic in green is a creation by !Fabouzz. This tunic looks hand painted and like your wearing a canvas. Last but certainly not least, HOLLYHOOD is creating slink add on shoes and I am thrilled. I am wearing the MYA heels in gold and they are an add on for high slink feet. They fit and look great and will add to any Spring outfit. Take some time out of your day to head over to the FashionArt Fair and see these creations for yourself 🙂 TOOTLES

Gracious Giving

One thing I do love to see the most in SL are the events centered around a cause. We should all give back to those who are less fortunate and I am pleased to announce that one of my favorite designers, Haute Couture, is participating in a very worthy cause. The EB Awareness Event has been created to help support Epidermolysis Bullosa. Epidermolysis Bullosa is a very rare genetic connective tissue disorder that affects 1 child out of every 20,000 births (that means about 200 children a year are born with EB). EB is actually a group of disorders that share a prominent manifestation of extremely fragile skin that blisters and tears from friction or trauma. Internal organs and bodily systems can also be seriously affected by EB. I personally do not know anyone with this disorder and I pray for those who are affected by something so horrible. 50% of all the proceeds that Haute Couture receives during this even will be donated to the Debra of America foundation. If you would like to learn more about this foundation and what EB is you can visit their website here. The event is lasting from April 28th – May 9th. Please take the time to support such an important issue.


For this photo, I am wearing the Haute Couture Hope dress in blue. The dress is available in Blue Pink and Purple. Also, check out Cosmopolitan Sales Room for some other amazing designs. The shoes I am wearing are a release from HOLLYHOOD and are the Katrina wedges in white. These are a medium slink add on.


Please take some extra time out of your day to visit the EB Awareness Event and if you feel it in your heart to donate a little extra then please do so. You can also stop by Cosmopolitan Sales Room to find extra accessories!! Have a blessed shopping day 🙂 TOOTLES

There is a U in SLUT

Why are weekends so extremely packed full of goodies? I try to spend weekends with family and just hang out but I always end up back in SL looking for the latest deals. Definitely not complaining, but it seems this weekend has so many amazing things going on.

First, today marks the beginning of another round of the Cosmopolitan Sales Room. Not just a new round but a brand new location! Make sure you tp to the right sim or else your going to miss all these deals. Also, these photos are taken at the new sim and there are a ton of amazing places for photo opportunities. I felt like doing something a little different today. I guess you can say I was inspired by a few things… I have on the ::!(Devour)!:: Slut Tee in blue and the Peggy Leggins in sheer blue. I think the sheerness of the pants really intrigued me to try this as an outfit. Something completely different. They come with appliers so you can still be in your sexy curves to wear it. My boots are the Mesh Charcoal Millie Suede Boots by HOLLYHOOD. All of these items are available for the next two weeks at the Cosmopolitan Sales Room.

Another update for this weekend… yesterday and today only .ploom. is offering a 50% off sale in their store. I love ploom hair! It is always unique and adventurous when I need a change. Also, These poses that you see here are from my newest sponsor O E M. They are the Static poses 001- 005. There are other poses available as well on their marketplace store or in world. Perfect for bloggers who want a little extra with each pose. They also have unique poses available that you just won’t see anywhere else.

Last but certainly not least… The Skin Fair is still going on and I finally got into the fair!! People around me knew how big of a deal this was. I have been looking for a skin that fits my personality in SL and in RL. This is the Ivy with freckles skin from (red) Mint. You can purchase all the appliers separate if you like. There will be better up close pictures to come but for now just so excited I have a new skin…