Smile Anyway

Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile,
but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.
– Thich Nhat Hanh

This is just a quick reminder that even though you may not always feel joyful and like you want to smile… smile anyway! Someone else may see that smile and it may improve upon their day. TOOTLES and many smiles!


Skin– Belleza- Yasmin

Eyes– #adored- dawn eyes in blue steel @ anyBODY event

Hair– Exile- Kissing Strangers @ Collabor88

Outfit– [ SAKIDE ]- Fuzz Leather outfit in white @ Winter Trend 2014

Jewelry- Meva- Winter Trend set including crown, necklace, bracelet, and ring @ Winter Trend 2014

Shoes– .:Glow Designs:.- Metallic Stilettos in silver @ Designer Circle 


Dark Angel

Day two of my positive attitude… not too bad! lol… well I honestly think people are trying my patience, but so far complete success! At least I think so! Again today I am picking a very dark angel feel from Glitzz, which is available at The Halloween Fair. Between my sister and I, I am certainly the darker more naughty one… not to say Temp isn’t naughty of course.. *cough*! She is always made of gold and there for every person that she can be and puts others ahead of herself. I always look to be more like her. I may throw in a brighter outfit this week… but I will take my place as the darker sister and be the dark angel for today 🙂 This outfit does come with all appliers. Every applier I can even think of! I am wearing the Slink Physique here and it comes with an applier for that plus the Belleza and Lena bodies. You can find your additional lola and booties appliers as well. So many choices it was hard for me to decide which to wear to take the photo in. Regardless… great outfit… great shoes… great hair… and a haunted location to go with it! Hope you enjoy your day! TOOTLES


Skin– Lara Hurley- Fae in natural dark

Eyes– IKON- Hope Eyes in Nymph

Hair– *booN- gathered hairbase with SCO052 hair addition

Outfit– [Glitzz]- Black Empire outfit with ALL appliers @ The Halloween Fair

Shoes– Glow Designs- Chained pumps in Ultraviolet @ Designer Circle

Sim: Masoma County- Haunted Halloween Sim

note: The shoes actually are a purple tone, but with the windowlight that I used, it came out looking more blue.

How to Choose?

Essenz- Michigan @ Essenz mainstore


Just a thought… when you get dressed in the morning how do you pick your outfit? That could be a question for RL or SL. I guess in RL I just go for comfort. I am not big on fashion in RL (shock face). I actually hate shopping. There is something about trying on a million things till I find one thing I like that just isn’t appealing to me. Then let’s talk about the disappointment when you find something you love and it costs three times the amount you wanted to spend.  Anyway… the point is that I always think about why I wear something. In SL today, I had the choice of these sexy Essenz boots or these anklet chains by Glow Designs. AHHH choices! Lucky for you, you can pick up both and wear them on different days… or if you are like me, you can wear them in the same day with a different outfit 🙂 TOOTLES
.::Glow Designs::.- Cross Chain Anklet @ Designer Circle


Summer in Oslo


I am extremely excited to bring you this blog today… A wonderful women who I have had the pleasure to work with for a little while now has started her own line of clothes. Deborah is a very hard working and caring person and I am thrilled to bring you this Summer in Oslo outfit… I am in love! So well made… I had so much fun putting this outfit together, I just wanted to share all of these with you! I hope you enjoy 🙂 TOOTLES


Skin– Lara Hurley – Ivy in natural tan

Body: Slink- Physique Mesh Body

Glasses.:Glow Designs:.- Aviator Summer Glasses in Silver

Hair– TRUTH– Lilith hair in light brown with headband

DressDE. Boutique– Summer in Oslo @ LG Fantastic Friday

Jewelry- Maxi Gossamer– Ayla Moon Goddess

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to ALL!

This year Cosmopolitan Sales Room has helped me get into the Easter theme with some amazing items. My dress is made by IAF and is the Mercy Dress in blue. This dress comes with all the appliers and also the center portion is mesh with different sizes. To make this more of an Easter theme.. .:Glow Designs:. has made this bunny girl set in silver. It comes in multiple colors but of course silver can go with just about everything. This set includes the two cuffs, the collar, and these adorable bunny ears. I definitely feel like it’s Spring being around this amazing sim as well. If you haven’t been to Dawn of Radiance before, I suggest you take a visit. It is one of those hidden gem sims which more people should know about. So glad a friend told me about this place. 🙂 Run over to the Cosmopolitan Sales Room and take a look around before you head over to Dawn of Radiance. Will make for a peaceful day in SL. TOOTLES

Spring Meme

Well I figured I would do my 2nd meme. I feel like I have a little more time this week to participate and this makes me happy 🙂 Along with Spring coming of course.

Meme Instructions: Share a spring-themed picture and/or answer the following questions about the season.

  1. What is the spring season like where you live? – Well I am from Alabama… right now it is usually warmer with some rain between… but since I moved to Pennsylvania, the weather has been horrible. We just had the worse winter up here in a long time and it being 40 degrees this time of year is not my cup of tea!
  2. What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you think of spring? – It has been a long time but I think back to my days in high school and college when we would all drive down to the beach.. it was only 30 min away… and would just spend the week doing stupid things. I really do mean stupid things!!!
  3. Which spring-themed sim in Second Life is your favorite at the moment? – This one is tough for me because there are so many… but I always go back to my favorite which is the Calas Galadhon Park Sims. It is a collection of amazing well built sims… so not just one place 🙂 I took my photos there today and I have gotten myself lost among the many different sims to cross into. A stunning place to check out!


There are a ton of amazing spring designs also available at the Cosmopolitan Sales Room if you would like to do this meme as well. My dress is the Lace Paisley mini dress made by AUSHK’A & CO. There is a hud that comes along when you buy each pack so that you may swap between colors. I picked the colorful pack because I always love the brighter colors this time of year. My earrings are the Paris Earrings from .:Glow Designs:.. You can get these as a fatpack in silver, black, and gold. Everyone loves Paris and these earrings are so bold! I love them 🙂 I also used the Casual poses for women made by BEPPIN !. I always feel I can never have too many poses. I honestly feel like half my inventory is just strictly poses! Please come on down to the Cosmopolitan Sales Room and complete your spring wardrobe! TOOTLES

Are You Down?

Every now and then I begin to doubt myself… Do other bloggers do this? Feel like maybe your not doing all that you can and maybe need to step it up or maybe change something? I think it is a natural reaction to do this. No one can be completely confident all the time. I know the things that drive my confidence and yes they are very selfish. The small compliment or the acknowledgement that an improvement is noticed are just a couple of things. No I do not want my ego stroked or anything like that but it is nice to receive true compliments sometimes, not just feeling like you have to be nice. I can also see when people are being real with me… for example… if you tell me my photos look amazing all the time then I know your lying. Don’t look down or away… you know you are! It is rare that someone takes a shot they are always happy with 100% of the time. What I would prefer is suggestions… it is really nice when people make suggestions to make things better. Now not everyone wants a suggestion all the time, otherwise your confidence would really shoot down feeling like you haven’t done anything right. It is a very slippery slope!

None of what I just wrote probably makes any sense at all… I think its just a bunch of my thoughts thrown into one post and not really in any specific order. I do apologize, but all I am trying to say is that lately I have needed a tad of a booster… and I think this is it!

I just needed something sexy and fun to wear and I would be fine! I know I can always go to Cosmopolitan Sales Room and every 2 weeks there are new items there to make me look not so boring! I picked up this Spring Frill dress by .:Glow Designs:. to hug my curves and add a little fun into my day. The colors of this dress really stood out to me because I do love to wear touches of red here and there but there are also other colors to choose from. Slipped on my Hucci Payson heels which I got for the 21shoe event and pulled my hair to the side, which is by TRUTH. To add to the red tones, I put on some -{ZOZ}- Floral Etch Elegant nail polish. Also at Cosmo, you can get these cute poses by Sup Poses. This adorable clutch is not included with the poses but you can find it at Chop Zuey up in the sky boutique if you like.

Basically the whole reason I wrote this post was to tell you that if you ever find yourself feeling down and needing a little bit of a boost… I understand! An outfit that makes you feel sexy and confident can do wonders! Go ahead and check out the Cosmopolitan Sale Room because there will be something there to make you feel like a million bucks! TOOTLES

70L Steal!

I always see women asking where to get Slink shoes… There are so many being made lately it is hard to sort out who does what and which kind of feet the shoes are for. Well let me show you some very nicely priced shoes from .:Glow Designs:.. These adorable glitter pumps in pink are made for the medium slink feet and have some really cute details. They also come in red and are available for this week at the Cosmopolitan Sales Room. Take my advice and PLEASE go take a look. Slink shoes for only 70L!!!! TOOTLES