When the going gets tough…

When the going gets tough...

The tough slink into their beds and sleep instead of worry about other things. I would like to think this is what tough people do, but I am far from it so it may be more accurate to say that when awkward weird people get in a pickle they hide in their room till it’s over. I am hiding from RL in SL which is basically the same thing right? TOOTLES


Skin: Pumens– Manuela TMP mesh head applier

Body: Maitreya– Lara Mesh Body

Eyes: IKON– Sovereign eyes in glass

Hair: Magika– Empty Gold

Necklace: Maxi Gossamer- Esmeralda Gypsy necklace @ FaMESHed

Corset: CandyDoll- Rebecca corset in blue @ Collabor88

Panties: Glitzz– Lady Black

Shoes: CandyDoll- Jessy in Denim @ FaMESHed


Slave to No One

Slave to No One

I am a girl who speaks her mind no matter what. I do not really apologize for saying my opinion. I may apologize that you felt offended by it, but it wouldn’t change what I feel or how I view things. I have been told that just means I am ignorant… well my response is that I do my research, I have taken law and social college classes in a large number that deal with the issues that I have formed opinions on. I do not just draw an opinion because I felt like it without research. That is the difference I feel between someone who is ignorant and someone who has made an educated decision.

This being said, I had an incident where someone wrote to me privately about an issue that I posted about on Facebook page. I did this as more of a thinking post, not intended to offend anyone but for someone to explain something to me about why this is the case. I was written telling me that I should not have wrote the post and that it was a bad post. I am sorry, if you feel like something is a bad post then don’t share it and don’t post something like that. I kind of fail to see why writing me to tell me you didn’t like that I posted that really matters to me? That may sound harsh, but I am really tired of this whole mentality that we need to not offend anyone. That basically will make people into mindless individuals who are politically correct their entire life. On the offend note, it is not ok for a Christian to say they do not agree with the LBGT lifestyle; however, it is completely ok for people of the LBGT community to call Christians names and make fun of their way of life. A Christian has to be fearful not to offend even though they are offended. This is just one issue of many that I see. I have not stated my overall opinion on Christians or the LBGT community in this statement. This was similar to my Facebook post yet it was on a different topic where I see hypocrites at work. Regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation, I feel like everyone should just be nice. Is that a statement of being politically correct? Maybe, but I think that is more just being nice and considerate of others.

On the note of someone telling me what they think about me posting and what I should and shouldn’t post. You can go on your page and post whatever you want thanks! I am no ones property and I certainly do not listen to others opinions on topics that I choose to talk about. That being said, if you are offended by something I say or do, I am sorry that you became offended, but it will not change much on my end. ❤ TOOTLES


Skin: Lara Hurley– Iza applier for Lelutka

Head: Lelutka– Stella

Body: Maitreya– Lara Mesh Body

Eyes: IKON– Sovereign eyes in Fjord

Hair: +elua+– Oceana

Tattoo: Letis Tattoo– Inemis Sleeves

Collar: Salt and Pepper- Sasha collar @ ROMP

Nipple piercings: Salt and Pepper- nipple chain @ ROMP

Corset: Salt and Pepper- Lynn corset @ ROMP

Cuffs: Lost Junction- Edge cuffs @ ROMP

Underwear: Glitzz– Zaia black panties

Pose: Infiniti- Submission poses @ ROMP

Life is a Stage

I haven’t had much time this week for myself, so I felt the need to have a little sensual sexy time. For me, this means putting something (very little) on and taking a few pictures. Does that make me weird? Maybe! I went over to the Whore Couture fair cause really nothing says sexy sensual like being a whore ;P go figure! I put myself center stage for this moment.  I wanted to share my moment with you all so that you may see something you like and have a go for it! ❤ TOOTLES


Skin: {AIMI} Skins- Elisa in Natural @ Whore Couture 

Body: Maitreya– Lara Mesh Body

Hair: [RA]- Marry Hair in brown @ Whore Couture 

Lingerie: [Glitzz]- Lady black lingerie (maitreya applier) @ Whore Couture

Shoes: Essenz- St. Tropez heels (high slink add on/ Maitreya high feet add on) @ Whore Couture

Lighted stage: oOo Studio– Follies

Dark Angel

Day two of my positive attitude… not too bad! lol… well I honestly think people are trying my patience, but so far complete success! At least I think so! Again today I am picking a very dark angel feel from Glitzz, which is available at The Halloween Fair. Between my sister and I, I am certainly the darker more naughty one… not to say Temp isn’t naughty of course.. *cough*! She is always made of gold and there for every person that she can be and puts others ahead of herself. I always look to be more like her. I may throw in a brighter outfit this week… but I will take my place as the darker sister and be the dark angel for today 🙂 This outfit does come with all appliers. Every applier I can even think of! I am wearing the Slink Physique here and it comes with an applier for that plus the Belleza and Lena bodies. You can find your additional lola and booties appliers as well. So many choices it was hard for me to decide which to wear to take the photo in. Regardless… great outfit… great shoes… great hair… and a haunted location to go with it! Hope you enjoy your day! TOOTLES


Skin– Lara Hurley- Fae in natural dark

Eyes– IKON- Hope Eyes in Nymph

Hair– *booN- gathered hairbase with SCO052 hair addition

Outfit– [Glitzz]- Black Empire outfit with ALL appliers @ The Halloween Fair

Shoes– Glow Designs- Chained pumps in Ultraviolet @ Designer Circle

Sim: Masoma County- Haunted Halloween Sim

note: The shoes actually are a purple tone, but with the windowlight that I used, it came out looking more blue.