Patience is Key

I think the only thing I end up saying over and over again on my blog is that I am sorry I have been busy in RL and not able to post so much. This is most certainly true; however, what I really feel like saying is sorry I can’t post because I am still searching for inspiration. I don’t know if you have this happen or not but you find an outfit that you really like and you want to have the perfect place to wear it or you want to make the photograph perfect and you just sit on the outfit.. you wait for a while because if you rush or slap something together then its not going to really have the feel that you are looking for. I was having this kind of moment with the SlackGirl Kahlo Glam outfit. This is a complete high fashion finished product. The only thing you need to add are slink high feet for the shoes and hair because everything else is included. I find these types of complete outfits easier to just throw on and wear but harder to photograph because the designer had a specific look they wanted when they create the full outfit. Maybe it is the nerves to make it right? No idea! I do know that I have been sitting on this outfit since I got it at the INOVARE FashionArt event. This event will be ending very soon so I felt the pressure adding on to get it done… but… what to do? I also received an LM for Everwinter last week some time. It is a Post Apocalyptic theme park which has some awesome details to it. I wanted something dark and edgy like the dress and when I went there I hit BINGO right away. I had some fun in SL exploring and got a photo to go with it! I would suggest heading to the FashionArt even before its too late if you haven’t already gotten a chance. TOOTLES!

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Inovare Facebook Page


Skin: Glam Affair- Katra skin in Jamaica @ The Skin Fair

Body:Maitreya– Lara Mesh Body

Head: TheMeshProject– Classic Deluxe head

Hair: CATWA– Aimee hair

Eyes: IKON– Sovereign eyes in glass

Full Outfit: SlackGirl- Kahlo Glam outfit including earrings, dress, and shoes @ FashionArt Event


Took a Siesta

Took a Siesta

I am not sure if any of my readers follow me on Facebook and such, but I posted a few days ago that I wouldn’t be back to blogging till Tuesday because of some important real life thing that was going on. Those RL things were my sons birthday and saying goodbye to my husband who is deploying. There were many ups and downs. Happy time with family and friends knowing that there were two reasons that we all gathered together. A celebration and a goodbye. I am still recovering from the events of this weekend, but I wanted to at least get my mind off of things and bring you something that I am very passionate about…. SL fashion. The FashionArt event is still going on and you can still run over and grab up all of these artist inspired outfits. I had a lot of fun playing with this photo. I think it is definitely my therapy from everything going on. If you find that photography or shopping happens to be your therapy as well… then head on over and get your shopping on! TOOTLES


Skin: Lara Hurley– Fae

Head: TheMeshProject– Classic Deluxe head

Body: Maitreya– Lara Mesh Body

Eyes: IKON– Charm Eyes in Industrial

Hair: Clawtooth- La Bella Donna #16 @ The Arcade 

Dress: Dead Dollz- Viva la Frida @ FashionArt event

logo fashionart

Take Flight Fashion flight with me to a place full of interesting and unique fashion which is nothing but art. Some of the brightest minds have come together to bring fashion inspired by some amazing RL artists. FashionArt by Inovare has opened today. If you have questions please visit their facebook page.

logo fashionart


Skin: Lara Hurley- Fae

Body:Maitreya- Lara mesh body

Head: TheMeshProject- Classic deluxe head

Outfit: *Whimsical Imaginarium*- Frida complete outfit @ FashionArt Event

Flirting 105

Flirting with danger is a statement we have all read about or heard from people when they talk about doing something dangerous. Do you consider flirting with a partnered or a person who is taken as a dangerous act?

The past two weeks I have asked some men and women questions about flirting and how they felt on certain subjects. You can view the women’s answer here. One of these was flirting with someone who was taken. There were some mixed reviews on the topic. On one hand….. if this was RL then people would more than likely say no. With this being SL, people are a little more relaxed on the topic. How comfortable do you really need to be in order to flirt with someone taken. A lot of the answers suggests that you flirt just to be nice and have a little bit of fun and maybe make a new friend. What if you are taken yourself? Do you then try to flirt with others to mix things up or for excitement? What if you take things one way and the other person takes things a totally different way? Maybe this whole blog will be questions because really I have no idea. All these thoughts run around when I think about this subject.

Personally, I am in an open relationship so flirting is allowed and understood and pretty much expected among other things. Have been in all kinds of relationships in SL and it seems none really work as well as the open ones. I think the key to being open and being able to flirt with others is the honesty that comes along with it. Who would want to feel sleazy by flirting and then hiding stuff from your partner or significant other? What works for one person though may not be right for the other. All this being said, I think about flirting with danger and a little thrill begins to come over me and it may just be addicting. Of course, the dangerous part I am referring to is how others will take your cute comments or sly advances. Others intentions aren’t always known in SL. I wish there was a giant sign over someone’s head screaming what their real intentions were. Wouldn’t that be so easy? That way the harmless flirt wouldn’t turn into one person wanting more than the other did. AHHHHHH!!!

I figured a nice flirty outfit and poses would do the trick to set this post off. I may not have all my thoughts together on the subject, but I at least can look the part! I ran over to the FashionArt Fair and picked up this sexy revealing dress called Julie by B BOS. -{ZOZ}- also released these awesome From Hell heels which are a high slink add on. They really set an edgier and more dangerous feel to the dress. Of course, I could just be standing around and it wouldn’t look near as sexy as I do in this armchair. This chair is made by Demise of Flight and comes with 6 different poses for photos. I enjoy being able to use props for pictures and these were really nice to work with. Everything you need for a sexy flirting adventure can be found at the FashionArt Fair. The fair closes on the 31st of May so not much longer to enjoy these designs! TOOTLES


The insanity of it all!!!!! AKKK Sometimes you see an outfit that is so insane its freaking amazing and that is just how I felt when I put on the Phoebe Panier dress by Legal Insanity. This dress is out of the box and wild but I fell in love. The hip cages aren’t an extra attachment. They are already attached to whatever size dress you put on and are fabulous! This dress is an exclusive release at the FashionArt Fair and really is a symbol of what the entire fair is about. Taking something unique and making it fashionable. Enjoy the rest of the fair! You don’t have long left. TOOTLES

Shining Star


What does family mean to you? Seems like a loaded question that has often been asked with various answers such as home and loved and things like that. My family in RL means the world to me and so do the ones in SL. The one who seems to always be the one I can count on is my sister Tempest. We pull each others hair out sometimes but she is always there and is always wanting the best for me and for our family. Would have been nice to have our brother, Cameron, there with us for this photo, but RL comes first! So, I guess I should answer the question huh? Family means a lot to me and I never believe that you have to be blood to be family. The important part is that your family uplift you, support you, and teach you to be a better person. If these qualities are met… then yes you are considered my family. I am lucky to have two amazing siblings and an amazing husband here who do just that!

I felt in such a family mood I wanted Temp to join me to show off a new favorite dress for me. I am never one for huge and flashy clothes or dresses. Yes, there is a place for that sometimes, but most of the time I just prefer to look simply elegant. This Starry Sky dress from Poute is the perfect example. If you are curious, Haute Couture Designs will now be known as Poute. I was so excited when I opened the box and put my usual size on and it fit like a perfect custom made glove. The detailing at the top is stunning and a must have for any lady in SL. The belt is an extra add on from the dress and also in the middle of the bow is a stone that matches the dress. You would really need to see it up close to understand how beautiful it is. You can pick up this piece of art at the FashionArt Fair. A must see!!!! TOOTLES


Dip Me In Blue


Bringing you new exclusives from the FashionArt Fair! Another release from *~*Damselfly*~* called Trinity. I decided to use the faded option to match the blue in this dress made by Modas Second called Ethnic in blue. This dress is more like a halter dress but I do love that the top feels more like a blouse. This is certainly one of my favorite dresses and I will be seen wearing this outfit around a lot. I even took off to the Fantasy Faire to take these photos. Also, I wanted to show a couple of poses from the Kinetic pose pack created by {NanTra}. Poses always seem to get the back seat when it comes to blogs. I know I do not give credit myself every time I use a pose because sometimes I end up changing them with my Animare HUD to fit the exact photo I am looking for. Not that the poses aren’t brilliant… but when you get an idea of a picture in your head, you are stuck with that! I am lazy so searching around for the right and perfect pose is hard for me but {NanTra} always makes it. I never have to edit their poses and it seems to always fit me perfectly with no sharp crazy angles on my photos. This pose pack also comes with mirror poses just in case you were wanting something a little different. LOVE these poses! Check out the FashionArt fair NOW before it is too late! For those friends of mine who always forget what events are going on… I won’t let you forget this one! TOOTLES


Le doux voyage

The FashionArt Fair is in full swing and I want to bring you another amazing dress created by Petit Chat. I have always been a fan of her designs and her art work. It is rare that you stumble across a designer who creates her textures based off their own digital artwork. This dress is called the Le doux voyage dress and is based off of her original painting Le doux voyage. I really urge you to also go visit her beautiful Petit Chat Gallery and also you can view some of her works on her Flickr page. Also included with this dress was a pair of sunglasses that matches the dress. I hope you take some time out of your busy day to head down the fair and look around at all the art created just for you. 🙂 TOOTLES

FashionArt Fair Press Release

| Legal Insanity presents “When Fashion Meets Art ” Fashion Fair. |

FASHIONART POSTER with Sponsors new

09th – 31st May 2014

Legal Insanity Expo

One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art. – Oscar Wilde

A designer is an artist and the medium on which they work is clothing or accessories, just as the painter works uses canvas to portray his vision, the sculptor uses marble, clay or metal.

As designers flirt ever closer with the idea that fashion is about much more than just dress and appearance we decided to challenged our best SL designers to break boundaries and turn their designs into walking canvases. With designs inspired by classic iconography to Warhol from Picasso to Mondrian the Fashion Meets Art fair explores them all and more.

Join us and see just what happens – When Fashion Meets Art!

Please follow all of the events and designs on our Flickr page or our Facebook Page

A special thank you to all of the Sponsors:

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Spring Canvas

It’s officially Spring… almost Summer but it doesn’t quite feel that way weather wise. Another fabulous thing… the FashionArt Fair starts TODAY @ 12pm SLT!!!!! I hope your just as excited as I am and no longer will you have to sit through all my previews, but you can go see it for yourself! Today, I bring you four more spectacular designs just for our pleasure. Lets go from head to toe shall we? My hair is a beautifully put together updo by *~*Damselfly*~* called Drewleigh. It is neat and messy all in one. There is really no other way to describe this unless you just go and try the demo. My necklace is the Pearl Drop Necklace by Frogstar and comes in four colors. The Iris tunic in green is a creation by !Fabouzz. This tunic looks hand painted and like your wearing a canvas. Last but certainly not least, HOLLYHOOD is creating slink add on shoes and I am thrilled. I am wearing the MYA heels in gold and they are an add on for high slink feet. They fit and look great and will add to any Spring outfit. Take some time out of your day to head over to the FashionArt Fair and see these creations for yourself 🙂 TOOTLES