In A Cosmo Place

41_013There are so many amazing designs at Cosmopolitan Sales Room this round that I had to get help showing them all… On Liz, we have the cute soo soo cute Kaithleens Kawai Dress. It’s so beautiful and yes I’m still talking about the dress here. This is a must have for any women, hell if they had it in a Man’s version I’d even buy it it’s that good. On me I’m wearing another one of gods creations, I mean the brilliant ::JesyDream:: Jean jacket. So much detail and effort has gone into making this jacket, as all their clothes, so no surprise there the jacket comes in two different colours making the choice for you just that little bit easier. I’m also wearing another new favorite designer of mine Etham. I’m wearing their Track pants they have quickly become my go to relaxing clothes. I love the fact you can have them rolled down or up. Also, ladies they are unisex, so buy a pair for you and your man at the same time. Same goes for you fellas too, nothing say I love you more than a matching track suit and maybe a fine dinner afterwards to say sorry for the terrible joke I just made… All these super amazing clothes can be picked up from Cosmopolitan sales room. One great mall for all your shopping needs.

– Steve


Pow Pow


Recently I’ve been having a lot on my mind. It starts to build up and up and then you get to the point that you just can’t take it. Some people just explode and others, like me, just bury it deeper inside hoping it will go away… but it never does! I had to do something to keep my mind off it and blogging seemed the only good way to do so. I headed on down to the Cosmo sales room and picked up this surreal top from Etham. The textures on this top, ill tell you, are so crisp and well done. So tempted to do a super close shot of just the buttons so you could see how well done they are. You can even see the thread attaching them to the shirt. That’s some crazy detail right there. I’m glad the designer did this and put that extra effort in. This is what you get at the Cosmopolitan Sales Room, extra effort put into everything. I assure you that wearing this top will turn heads. I am so glad I decided to blog this top over everything else. It really did help keep me distracted from my thoughts. Couldn’t stop staring at the detail….

– Steve