Love Me Tender

Love Me Tender

Romp is going on THIS weekend! You get just a few days to shop through all the sexy items that are up for you this time around. You will not be disappointed… trust me… I have seen all the items! TOOTLES


Skin: Lara Hurley– Iza Lelutka head applier

Head: Lelutka- Simone

Eyes: IKON– Odyssey eyes in dusk

Body: Maitreya– Lara Mesh Body

Hair: TRUTH– Randa

Lingerie: Dead Dollz- Satin Harness in red @ ROMP

Collar: Cae- Devotion collar @ ROMP

Bracelets: The Plastik Flagship Store- Kajurah Jewelry @ ROMP

Pose: an lar [poses]- The Sought After Series @ ROMP

Blinded By Love

Blinded by Love

“Blinded By Love”

I came home and nothing was right
It’s been a while since a fight
Well, maybe tonight my need for love
Can blind my sightAnd I say things out of spite
Or I push you aside
No, I don’t know how to fix it
I am falling apart and I am breaking your heartHelp me to see
‘Cause I am blinded by love, blinded by love
And help me to be the one to guide us
Through the dark things we doNow I know I can be tough sometimes
My words come out like knives
Cutting the space between us
And you try, yeah, I know you tryTo just let things slide
But what good is that to us?
Oh, oh, I don’t know
I am falling apart and I am breaking your heart

Help me to see
‘Cause I am blinded by love, blinded by love
And help me to be the one to guide us
Through the dark things we do

Oh, I don’t know what possibly changed
We were so good, so good
And where is the light at the end of this tunnel
‘Cause I am falling apart and I am breaking your heart



Skin: Pumens– Manuela TMP mesh head applier @ Shiny Shabby

Body: Maitreya– Lara Mesh Body

Eyes: IKON– Sovereign eyes in glass

Hair: Magika– Hearts Like Ours

Blindfold: Cubic Cherry- Serenity blindfold in white and silver @ ROMP

Collar: Cae- Infinitie collar @ ROMP

Outfit: PEQE- Minnie in red @ ROMP

Shoes: Essenz- Pattaya @ Fashion Fair 2015

Pose: an lar [poses]- The Polished Series @ ROMP

What Business is it of yours?

What business is it of yours?

In the last 2 months I have seen more and more people talking about other peoples reasons for being in SL and why they do not understand it. I just wanted to take a moment to touch on this topic because I believe my answer might help quite a lot of people. The most I hear is why do married people in RL get on SL. The assumption that married people cannot log into SL for a release of creativity or for more than just pixel sex is a little closed minded. When I see people ask this question the comments always turn to relationships and sex. I was then told why can’t I just find something creative to do in RL instead of SL. I then try to open up the conversation and the minds of those close minded people, but I fear that this does nothing so I am going to go at this a different way.

If you are curious why married people come into SL and start relationships or have sex or anything other than what you might understand… then just mind your own business! I am all for trying to understand other people, but these questions go way past understand and begin to insult those that you do not understand. A wise person once told me a statement and I believe it to be just as true then as it is in this situation. “You do you and the rest can take care of themselves”. Basically don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. If you don’t understand it then do not hang around or fool around with people who are married in RL. Pretty simple I would think? I believe that I have a right to express myself in a way that I like and that way is photography and blogging in SL. If you don’t like the fact that I am married then by all means unfollow me. I guarantee that it really makes no difference to me either way because your opinion does not effect the way that I do what I enjoy. For those who do mind their own business please feel free to join me in minding mine 🙂 TOOTLES


Skin: Swallow– Roberta TMP head applier

Body: Maitreya– Lara Mesh Body

Eyes: Buzz– Bewitched eyes in ocean

Hair: TRUTH– Priya

Necklace: Cae– Marrakech

Dress: Dead Dollz-  Astra in white (maitreya fitted mesh) @ Vintage and Cool Fair 2015

Shoes: Essenz- Boca Raton @ Festival of Sin II

Elegant Kink

Elegant Kink

ROMP begins tomorrow and is sure to WOW you into something sexy… or maybe out of something. If you see these items you will understand what I am talking about. This is the perfect place to pick up some new kinky items to make your Second Life just the fantasy you were dreaming of. I have so much more to open and the kinky level in this house is going to extreme levels! Just take my word for it and prepare for your shopping trip. TOOTLES


Skin: Lara Hurley– Iza applier for Lelutka

Head: Lelutka– Stella

Body: Maitreya– Lara Mesh Body

Eyes: IKON– Sovereign eyes in Fjord

Hair: Truth– Bronwyn

Collar: Cae- Clinched collar @ ROMP (begins July 3rd)

Bodysuit: [The Forge]- Body suit in blue @ ROMP (beings July 3rd)

Tattoo: .Reckless.- Haze

Creating Me

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

George Bernard Shaw

Every person thinks long and hard about who they want to be here in SL. A lot of people wear the style they have in RL or they are somewhere around that area. Maybe the style you want in RL but you don’t quite have. I struggle with my actual style in SL. I think mainly because I blog and I change who I am all the time based on what I need to show off or want to show off. The other issue is that I like so much it is hard to just pick something. I did this post because this is kinda just my style. I like the soft and sweet look, but I do have a really rough edge and I believe the spikes on the clothes and the tattoos show that as well. It was kinda just… ME! Whatever your style might be it is more important about how you got to that point. What makes up you besides just what is on the outside. It is so important to get to know the people you are around other than just how they look or dress. Words for thought on a late Friday night 🙂 TOOTLES


Skin: AIMI Skins– Diane skin in Almond

Body: Maitreya– Lara Mesh Body

Eyes: IKON– Sovereign eyes in Fjord

Hairpiece: Glam Affair- Romantic Flowers 2 @ Uber

Hair: Entwinded- Kiara in dark brown @ The Secret Affair

Top: Foxes- Dolly top in white @ Collabor88

Shorts: Foxes- Dolly shorts in duckegg @ Collabor88

Rings: Cae- Phases rings

Tattoo: Reckless- Haze faded @ Uber

Relaxed Fit

It has been too long since I have just sat back and relaxed in SL or RL. I felt a trip to the beach was in order and since there are so many great items coming out for this I figured I would show you a few while I enjoyed the views. This first picture above is with me wearing a pair of shoes called Trinidad made by Essenz. Below I am wearing a pair of flats from Poute called Roma. Both of these shoes can be found at Tres Chic for the May round. With so many flat shoes coming out I am having to swap shoes more than I do clothes lately! ❤ Hope you enjoy your time in SL! TOOTLES


Skin: Lara Hurley– Scarlett in dark

Head: TheMeshProject– classic deluxe w/ Scarlett applier

Body: Maitreya– Lara Mesh Body w/ Scarlett applier

Eyes: IKON– Sovereign eyes in Fjord

Hair: MINA- Elvire hair @ FaMESHed

Necklace: Cae– Romanique collection

Shirt: The Annex- Sndra Dee top in white and blue @ The Seasons Story

Shorts: Blueberry- cuffed denim shorts @ FaMESHed

Shoe pic #1: Essenz- Trinidad @ Tres Chic

Shoe pic #2: Poute- Roma flats @ Tres Chic

Digit Fashion

Ok, I am attempting to do another Monday Meme from Strawberry Singh’s blog. EVERYONE knows her blog so you probably know what I am talking about. I wanted to do this digits blog because I haven’t had the chance in the past. I have been asked my sizes previously so I figured why not share 🙂

Meme Instructions: Share your avatar’s digits and/or answer the following questions about mesh bodies. If you decide to share your digits, feel free to add your image to the Digits Flickr Group.

  1. Do you currently own a mesh body? If so, do you wear it all the time or just once in a while? If not, skip to the fourth question. –  Of course I have a mesh body! I have ALL the mesh bodies! My one go to body is constantly the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body. It is listed in every single blog that I do because I am slightly obsessed with how amazing it is. If I can’t wear my Maitreya for whatever reason, then I will go to my Belleza Body.
  2. What is your preferred mesh body available on the market right now?– Maitreya: Lara Mesh Body
  3. Have you changed your shape since you started wearing the body? – Of course again! You have to change your shape when you put on a mesh body. Even though using the sliders is possible and wonderful, if you put on the body with your current shape then you are going to look a little funky. I usually suggest starting completely over on you digits if this if the first time your doing a mesh body. It can’t hurt!
  4. How do you feel about mesh bodies in general? – I believe that this is the new SL. If you aren’t in a mesh body you just aren’t with the times. No no, it is ok I am not calling you old or outdated, but I just feel like mesh bodies are the way to go now a days.
  5. What is one thing you would request from designers when it comes to mesh bodies? – I prefer to still wear my slink feet and hands with the Maitreya body. That is something I do because I have way too many shoes that fit slink to change. I wish that the Maitreya appliers that are included would also swap over the slink hands and feet. I get tired of going back and trying to find slink appliers in folders. I just wish more designers would work together to make things easier, not more difficult. Omega right now is the closest we can get and I love it. Just wish it went a step further.

Now for my digits…. I have been told that my curves are nice, but that may just be people being polite lol. You never know because you can’t physically see how sincere someone is. I have two shapes that I swap back and forth between. My one shape I use for mesh clothing. It seems like having my boobies shrunk ends up being what I need to fit into most mesh clothing. I use the second shape when I am naked or in a bikini. A little wider hips and a little bigger boobs but other than that same stuff. So here we go…

 Tessa’s clothed Maitreya Mesh Body Shape made by ME!:

Height- 62

Body Fat- 5

Head Size- 47

Torso Muscles- 34

Breast Size- 49

Arm length- 79

Hand Size- 20

Torso length- 55

Love handles- 25

Belly Size- 6

Leg muscle- 55

Leg length- 60

Hip width- 61

Butt size- 28

Saddle bags- 26

I will spare you the naked avi shape because it really doesn’t work well with mesh clothing. Hope this helps in some kind of way, but I had fun with it 🙂 TOOTLES


Skin: Glam Affair– Katra in Jamaica

Body: Maitreya– Lara Mesh Body

Head: TheMeshProject– Classic Deluxe Head

Hair: Phoenix- Luna in light brown @ The Black Fashion Fair

Jewelry: Cae- Burst Collection @ The Black Fashion Fair

Dress: LaVian & C0- All Signs of of Life dress @ Designer Showcase

Shoes: Essenz- Phoenix (slink and maitreya high add on) @ The 100 Block Fashion Fair

Props w/ pose: W. Winx Mainstore- Shaken @ The Pose Fair 2015

Black and White

Things are not always as black and white as we would like them to be. I have long loved blogging… before I started to blog last year I was already following several of my favorite bloggers and watching and learning. I have since learned that as much as we love to think that blogging is one way or another, it is however you want it to be! I love events. It seems I enjoy blogging events more than I do specific designers. I get lucky when my designers are in these said events, but really I just love to see the new designs coming out plus new designers who I have not yet had the pleasure of working with. I think back to my very first event that I began blogging for. This was my first “sponsor” that I ever had and Xen’s Hats was one of the designers. I think back to that small room and now to see this designer at fashion weeks and in expos… it just warms my heart and I am proud to say remember when with a few of them. Well plenty of shopping to get to so please hurry! December will be gone before you know it. TOOTLES


Skin-Belleza- Yasmin

Hat– Xen’s Hats- Ramono Black w/ white @ Jewelry and Accessory Expo 2014

Hair– Wasabi Pills- Holly @ Fameshed

Dress– *LpD*- Noelle Dress with jacket @ KV Christmas Event

Jewelry- Cae- Blizzard necklace @ Winter Trend 2014

Let the Show Begin

 I first want to say that I am somewhat of a fan girl… I recognize people all over SL who have been in ads or who are designers that I really enjoy. I fan out a little like OMG look who it is! This being said… being able to blog for Penumbra A/W14 is truly an honor. I am excited to show the designers that I have always admired. In this case though, I had a fan girl moment when I saw that Beatrice Serendipity is releasing some awesome fall designs under her label, ghee. I have always been a fan of her modeling but OMG her designs are another story. The details are great and I just love the concept. If you can see in the photo… The Cassis Suede boots and the suede clutch have a fabric gathering which forms the shape of a rose. I am a sucker for the little details like this and adding it with accessories is another plus. Ghee will be having their runway show today at 2PM SLT so please take a moment of your time to see some of the collection here. TOOTLES


Skin– Glam Affair- Cleo in Jamaica tone

Eyes– IKON- Hope Eyes in Nymph

Hair– Wasabi Pills- Mandy in Chocolate

Shirt and Leggings- ghee- Mauve Mist Thermals Kit @ Penumbra AW14

Jacket– ghee- Cassis Casual Jacket @ Penumbra AW14

Belt– ghee- noir embossed leather belt in silver @ Penumbra AW14

Clutch– ghee- Cassis Suede Clutch @ Penumbra AW14

Jewelry- Cae- Embellish Ensemble

Shoes– ghee- Cassis Suede Rose Boots @ Penumbra AW14


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Sensible Clutter

 Between shopping at Rock Your Rack this past week, I have had the pleasure of hitting up The Chapter Four, Arcade, and now Hello Tuesday to complete my shopping week! I love the monthly, bi monthly, and weekly events in SL and I hope to always show you some of my favorite items. I have been in the mood to basically lose myself in my shopping trips.. there will be plenty more this week trust me. Also, at the end of the week the Jewelry Fair will begin as well and I have seen some of these items… you do not want to miss this! TOOTLES



Skin– Lara Hurley – Ivy in natural tan

Eyes– IKON- Spectral Eyes in Nymph

Hair-Clawtooth- Fade into you in dreamy red @ Arcade 

Jumpsuit– .:Senso:. Dungaree shorts and top w/ lola appliers @ Rock Your Rack

Jewelry- Cae- Rainy Days necklace @ The Jewelry Fair beginning Sept 13th

Shoes– Essenz- La Paz in limited blue color ONLY @ Hello Tuesday 

Props- Different objects from Chapter Four and Arcade