The Time Has Come

I think bloggers get sucked into the Dos and Don’ts of blogging too often. I am definitely guilty of this because I over think every thing I type. Do I want to say what I am really feeling? How might it be taken other than the way I intend it? I often just think about how my words might be taken… never do I put thought into other things like types of photos or even when I go post to certain sites to spread my blog around. I then wonder if anyone even reads what I type or do they just scroll down to the credits. I keep my comments mostly brief because of this, but this week I saw a long list of blogs about the Dos and Don’ts of blogging. Different blogs covering different topics but all of it had to do with what your not suppose to do as a blogger. I then personally started to think about each of these don’ts and just how important they really were. In my opinion there were about 2 of them that mattered to me… 1. Do not beg for sponsors or freebies… 2. Do not expect for anything to ever last in the blogging world… it is always changing and always moving towards other directions. I felt like the rest were just little nit picking things. Things that didn’t really matter but to be “proper” you needed to do this because people who have their noses stuck in the air will actually care. It is for this reason that after I fulfill my obligations that I have already signed up for… I will be stepping back from blogging for stores (not fairs). I love my “sponsors” and the ones who I have been with for so long feel more like family than a job of any sort. I want to blog what I feel and when I feel like it. I may do the occasional event here and there, but those will be when I choose to blog and not because someone tells me I have to. I have been considering stepping back for a little while now. I have hit a hard block when it comes to my creativity. I have seen so many wonderful bloggers just keep going and going and then I wonder how many of them look back at their posts and see the same topic or the same photos being done by themselves and not even realizing it. I want to find myself again… find my creative side… maybe focus more on the photography aspect of my blog. Lately I have enjoyed building “sets” or creating something different. I see a ton of beautiful photos scattered all across my Flickr feed where people put extra thought and time into their photos… because they want to and they can. I would love to be able to get to that point. I need to focus and practice and maybe find the spark again to continue. I will probably update everyone in the near future about this again… because I am not exactly sure what I have and haven’t signed up for in the next coming months… but it will be a slow changing process and one that I am kind of excited about. It is time to re-evaluate myself and what blogging means to me! TOOTLES


Skin– Belleza- Yasmin

Eyes– IKON- Hope Eyes in Nymph

Hair– Wasabi Pills- Kokoro

Dress– Bens Boutique- Camie Knit Dress in Gray @ Winter Trend 2014

Furniture– Fabled- Classic furniture @ Winter Trend 2014


Piece Me Together


A new round at Cosmopolitan Sales Room has begun and you really have a one stop shop for everything you could possibly need. There are a lot of new and exciting things going on which include new guest designers, discounted items, and me! I am not new to CSR, but I am the new blogging manager. I am excited and thrilled to be working with some of the grids best designers and bloggers. I am really thrilled to see what is to come from such a talented group.


To kick off this new round, I wanted to deck myself out from head to toe in all things Cosmo. I have decided this time to make a list of all that I am wearing… I really do hate to do the list thing because it takes away from my actual opinion of every item but really, they are all very nicely done yet again! I will quickly say this though… The Panda Punx skin does come with ALL appliers which does include the Wowmeh appliers. I am not wearing my Wowmeh in the photo but rather my Lola’s and Cute Azz. The Bodysuit came with those appliers instead of the Wowmeh. I wanted to make everyone aware of the appliers because I know people are being picky about them lately with all the new items coming out. I hope you enjoy this new round at Cosmo just as much as I do! TOOTLES




Skin: Idrany Skin by .:Panda Punx:.

Hair: Schatzi Rigged Mesh bubblegum pack by *~*Damselfly*~* (NEW hair and 30% off)

Bodysuit: Keleton Bodysuit in grey by Magnifique

Bracelet: CSR Bracelet by *PROMAGIC*

Headpiece: Coming up Roses in Lilac by .:Buttery Toast:.

Shoes: Almina High Heel in black (high slink add on) by Bens Boutique