21Shoe April Round

It is that time again.. the 21st of the month! 21Shoe goes on for 24 hours and please do not wait or you will miss this months round of fabulous shoes. You can check out all of the designs at the 21Shoe blog but I wanted to show you probably my favorite pair of shoes that I have gotten yet! These are the Xayabury Sandals from Hucci. They are part of this fabulous event and come in a large range of sizes and I even tried them on with my cute azz and they fit perfectly! Again.. don’t wait!!! Not many hours left 🙂 TOOTLES

21Shoe March Edition

Wanting to give everyone a heads up… did you realize it’s the 21st of the month???? That means 21Shoe is going on NOW!!! You can visit their blog to see the styles available in their look book and also with direct tps to each store. The shoes I have on above are the Uvol Sling Backs from Hucci. Every month Hucci puts out adorable amazing shoes and you get two for the price of one. The other pair is equally hot. Of course I did get more than just these… BUT I think these are my favorites now. How fun!!! Just a quick public announcement just in case you forgot one of the most important days of the month for me now 🙂 TOOTLES

I Feel Like a Hucci


Friday, Hucci sent out their subscriber group gift which are these adorable yet sexy Payson Sandals. These are now some of my favorite Slink add on for high feet that I have seen. The subscriber group is free and also doesn’t take up one of the precious 42 group slots. I wish more stores would end up doing just subscriber groups. Hucci also released, at the same time, the entire collection of Payson Sandals for sale in their main store. Another tad bit of information that you might like, if you haven’t already heard about the 21Shoe event then this is something you will want to start to take advantage of. Every month on the 21st some of the top shoe designers in SL put out a 2 for 1 shoe deal. You purchase one pair of shoes and you get the other for free. You have only 24 hours to get all of these amazing shoes. Yeah, I am telling you about this after the 21st of this month BUT there is always next month! 🙂 For a list of shoes being sold and landmarks each month you can visit the 21shoe blog. Make sure you run over to Hucci and if you havent subscribe please go ahead. They will send you the group gift without having to run and grab it and will send you information about the 21Shoe event as it approaches. Have a great day!! TOOTLES