I am often asked if I do photography for others besides what I post on my blog. The answer is YES! I enjoy photography and I love doing this as a hobby in SecondLife. I hope that I can answer any questions that you might have about the type of services that I can offer. I think it is best to go look at my Flickr page to see if my style of photography will fit the photo that you desire.

Price List:

Single Close- up Portrait: L$500

Single Full Body Portrait: L$500

Couple Portrait: L$750

Group Portraits: L$1,000

Advertisement Portraits: L$1,000

The prices listed above are for a single photo. Additional photos per set are available for L$200 per photo. For example, if you book a full portrait set and would also like a closer image as well, then the price would be L$700. If you have additional questions please feel free to ask. Full payment is due at time of photo shoot.


Tuesday: 6pm – 9pm SLT

Thursday: 6pm – 9pm SLT

Friday: 6pm – 9pm SLT

Sunday: 5pm – 8pm SLT

Disclaimer: I know Real Life can hinder logging in and appointments that might be made. If these times do not work for you, please ask about any changes that may occur with real life that can open up an available spot during the day.

Terms of Service:

1. Every session that you have with me is fully custom. I prefer to have an initial meeting with you to discuss your vision for your photo and options that might work to get the look you desire. The choices to be made is if you want a plain black or white background or if you would like something on location. Types of poses will also be discussed so it is best to have an idea of what you might like before you book your session.

2. Please be completely ready before the time of your session. Also, keep in mind that the higher quality of items that you use for your photo, the better your photo will turn out. Mesh will most always look better in certain photos than applier clothing. This is a photography preference for myself. If you are unsure of an item that you would like to wear then please feel free to ask. If you are going for a specific pose and type of photo, then we may have to change a few items during the shoot like hair.

3. Every photo session will take approximately 30 minutes for one photo. This time includes set up and positioning with poses and taking the necessary amount of pictures needed. If more photos are desired, then the time will increase.

4. Payment for services is due at the beginning of your photo shoot.

5. After your shoot, please allow for three days to process your photo. This will allow enough time to give you the best product that I can. This will also allow for real life interruptions as well.

6. I prefer to send the finished product by email. If this is not possible for you, then other arrangements can be made. Please mention your email or the delivery method that you wish for at the time of your session.

7. By booking a photo session, you agree to allow me to use your photos on my Flickr page. If there is a reason that you wish me not to post to my page or blog for a period of time then this needs to be discussed during the time of booking.

Thank you so much for your consideration and if you agree to the terms listed above then I look forward to working with you. You may contact me in world with a notecard that includes all your information about the service you are looking for at Tessagrace51. My email is, but I prefer a contact notecard in-world because I do not check my gmail as often. If you would like to contact me in others ways then please look at my Find Tessa page.


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