Merry Christmas

The past week has been a start of a new journey for myself. I rarely write too much about my RL, but I felt it was time to explain a little of what has been going on with me. I found out that my RL spouse will be deploying this coming year and I am in the process of moving homes in the process. I am on and off a lot lately because of this and I am going to be working on cutting back on blogging. I will be starting a job as well on top of all of this in the new place I will be living, so even less time for Second Life. I think during this time I will consider a “re-branding”. Maybe open up a different wordpress and all to represent this new part of my life. These are just thoughts that I have been having which I can’t be 100 percent sure aren’t just emotional outburst over my life being picked up and dropped like something Dorothy experienced in Wizard of Oz… this time there is no witch that I landed on… I checked! I should be use to this with the military life and it certainly is not the first deployment but with each one comes challenges. This will be the first once since we have had a son. The thoughts of how to tell him that his dad won’t be here next Christmas just make me cringe. For all the people who thought we were “pulling out” over there… you are dead wrong and have no idea what the government does when your not looking. I am sure there are people who actually believe the many politicians who fill your head with things like oh this is what we are really doing when behind the scenes things look drastically different. I am not here to get in a debate with you over these things… you can believe what you like and I will live the truth of the matter. I am here to explain that until things calm down you can expect to hear less of me during the week. Blogging daily has been a routine for me that I can no longer keep up with, but I am not stopping completely. Blogging is a part of who I am in SL and will always be that way, but the way I blog will just be different. By the time I return to blogging… Christmas will be over… So Merry Christmas to all and Happy Holidays! I will fill everyone in as things progress on my end…. stay safe and TOOTLES


SkinBelleza– Yasmin Christmas group gift

HairTRUTH– Snow

DressDead Dollz– Ozymandias Christmas gown



It Melted

AHHH…. Someone quick HELP!!! My snowman is melting and not really sure why. It’s still fridged outside and I am ready for this to be over… what about yall? anyway… I am writing today because it is my A-day. Sometimes when I tell people this they look at me funny and then I have to explain this is my adoption day. The day my parents took me home for the first time. I have to say, I get the most weird looks even with my funny name for it. No, I am not sensitive about being adopted… my parents have always taught me that it means I am extra special. They found me after many many years of looking. Yes, I am open and excited about this day because it is special to me. No telling where I would be or who I would have become without my parents influence on me. I might not know the meaning of a melted snowman might mean. Loads of fun to be had building it that might not have come if I hadn’t of been adopted. I was lucky… and many are not. I am currently going to school for social work to help change this fact and I am sure most have heard me complain about how busy school is and it will only get worse as I enter the majority of my social work classes. I am actually humbled and nervous about my future career. I do hope it will make a difference with the fact that I have been where they are. Only time will tell! I just want to show them that even though they may stand alone like I am alone in this photo, they are never really alone. There is my “let you into my life” moment for the month. Just about enough for now. I can’t overload yall! TOOTLES


Shoes- Essenz- Montreal @ L’accessoires

Snowman- Image Essentials- It Melted (actually has a pose but I used it as a background piece) @ Winter Trend 2014

The Time Has Come

I think bloggers get sucked into the Dos and Don’ts of blogging too often. I am definitely guilty of this because I over think every thing I type. Do I want to say what I am really feeling? How might it be taken other than the way I intend it? I often just think about how my words might be taken… never do I put thought into other things like types of photos or even when I go post to certain sites to spread my blog around. I then wonder if anyone even reads what I type or do they just scroll down to the credits. I keep my comments mostly brief because of this, but this week I saw a long list of blogs about the Dos and Don’ts of blogging. Different blogs covering different topics but all of it had to do with what your not suppose to do as a blogger. I then personally started to think about each of these don’ts and just how important they really were. In my opinion there were about 2 of them that mattered to me… 1. Do not beg for sponsors or freebies… 2. Do not expect for anything to ever last in the blogging world… it is always changing and always moving towards other directions. I felt like the rest were just little nit picking things. Things that didn’t really matter but to be “proper” you needed to do this because people who have their noses stuck in the air will actually care. It is for this reason that after I fulfill my obligations that I have already signed up for… I will be stepping back from blogging for stores (not fairs). I love my “sponsors” and the ones who I have been with for so long feel more like family than a job of any sort. I want to blog what I feel and when I feel like it. I may do the occasional event here and there, but those will be when I choose to blog and not because someone tells me I have to. I have been considering stepping back for a little while now. I have hit a hard block when it comes to my creativity. I have seen so many wonderful bloggers just keep going and going and then I wonder how many of them look back at their posts and see the same topic or the same photos being done by themselves and not even realizing it. I want to find myself again… find my creative side… maybe focus more on the photography aspect of my blog. Lately I have enjoyed building “sets” or creating something different. I see a ton of beautiful photos scattered all across my Flickr feed where people put extra thought and time into their photos… because they want to and they can. I would love to be able to get to that point. I need to focus and practice and maybe find the spark again to continue. I will probably update everyone in the near future about this again… because I am not exactly sure what I have and haven’t signed up for in the next coming months… but it will be a slow changing process and one that I am kind of excited about. It is time to re-evaluate myself and what blogging means to me! TOOTLES


Skin– Belleza- Yasmin

Eyes– IKON- Hope Eyes in Nymph

Hair– Wasabi Pills- Kokoro

Dress– Bens Boutique- Camie Knit Dress in Gray @ Winter Trend 2014

Furniture– Fabled- Classic furniture @ Winter Trend 2014

Logic vs. Imagination


“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” – Albert Einstein

I have blogged most of my blogging life with logic. Thinking what will a designer want to see and what will readers want to see. In fact, if I look even deeper into my RL… everything is with logic. I think about every single detail of my life before it gets to that point because I love to be prepared. I always think what is the point if you aren’t prepared. Imagination kind of hasn’t been that big a part of my life.. until recently. The amount of imagination that it takes to put into most blog posts plus into normal photos is just draining. I took 3 weeks off to be in RL with my family for vacation and it was a very eye opening experience. The imagination kind of stayed on vacation I think because I feel like I have hit a brick wall with things. More will come soon… when I figure things out with logic… but I want to go everywhere… not just a straight line to what I have had planned. Strength will overcome 🙂 Here is to hoping I get back on track soon! TOOTLES


Skin– Belleza- Yasmin

Eyes– IKON- Hope eyes in Nymph

Hair– MINA Hair- Selenia @ The Arcade

Jacket– [ Infliction ]- Proper Jacket @ Winter Trend 2014

Pants- [Foxes]- chromatic bubble leggings

Shoes– [Renegade]- Lucy white snowflake for slink high feet @ Winter Trend 2014

Smile Anyway

Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile,
but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.
– Thich Nhat Hanh

This is just a quick reminder that even though you may not always feel joyful and like you want to smile… smile anyway! Someone else may see that smile and it may improve upon their day. TOOTLES and many smiles!


Skin– Belleza- Yasmin

Eyes– #adored- dawn eyes in blue steel @ anyBODY event

Hair– Exile- Kissing Strangers @ Collabor88

Outfit– [ SAKIDE ]- Fuzz Leather outfit in white @ Winter Trend 2014

Jewelry- Meva- Winter Trend set including crown, necklace, bracelet, and ring @ Winter Trend 2014

Shoes– .:Glow Designs:.- Metallic Stilettos in silver @ Designer Circle 

Wrap Me In Lights

 The true test of a couple is to get through decorating… if its a house or for christmas… its a test! The decisions over what type of decorations or even where to put them are sometimes the hardest decisions. It is one thing to make that choice on your own and then change it in the longer run, but when you have to consider someone else… pfft forget the selfish single decorating. It is hard not to want to tie the other with lights and leave them there till it’s done. I thought this pose by RACK Poses was just perfect for your decorating needs. This is about how I felt the entire time… just wanting to lay down and rest. Glad to say the decorating on this end is finished… but just in case you are doing some last minute decorations yourself… RACK Poses has these adorable poses at Winter Trend 2014 that I know you will just love. The one pictured above is called He Has My Heart. Looks like he has me wrapped around his finger as well. Enjoy! TOOTLES

Words break like Ice

I wanted to take a moment… and vent a tad. I mean that is what this blog is about. Most probably don’t read what I write and that is perfectly fine. Maybe the right person will read it and it will change something that might happen to them. Either way I will say my peace because I feel this is just a growing issue….

We all know that SL can be full of rotten and hateful people who are miserable in their RL and want to come to SL to make others seem just as low as they are while raising their spirits a tad. I am not talking about your “selfish” moments. I am talking about people who aim at making others feel low. I have witnessed this a few times recently, more than I would like to see. Between the horrible griefing going on at the Belleza sim, to hateful words being spread on FB and in world making fun of others due to how they choose to play this game called Second Life. I just wanted to remind everyone that this is suppose to be the holiday season where you make others feel happy and try to lift spirits. Not everyone is going through the same thing that you are and not everyone will understand you; however, this does not give you the right to treat others with such disrespect. I will write more about this subject later, but I just wanted to throw it out there… to remind others to be kind and generous especially during this time. I am being vague because I will choose to share my story and reasons for comments at a time when I can be more clear on them.

Please think about your actions and words… you never know who you could hurt by your joking or games. They can break a person’s self esteem like an icicle shattering when falling off a tree. TOOTLES


Skin– Belleza- Yasmin

Hair– Magika- Beans

Dress– .::Dead Dollz::.- Althea gown in pink @ Winter Trend 2014

Pose– Le Poppycock- Loose Ends poses @ The Chapter Four

Let it Snow Fashion

I have been a very good girl this year… relatively good… ok maybe not at all, but regardless I look FABULOUS this holiday season thanks to my visit to the Winter Trend fair. A girl couldn’t ask for this kind of selection and receive anything as amazing as this. Two full sims to explore and buy from some of your favorite designers, which is just what I did. I hope you go check out the fair before it ends on the 19th. You can’t miss this! TOOTLES


Skin– Belleza- Yasmin

Eyes– (*ANGELICA)- Watery eyes in brown @ Winter Trend 2014

Hair– .Olive.- the snow princess hair in lipstick @ The Arcade

Dress– *Fishy Strawberry*- Belted Tunic in Onion @ Winter Trend 2014

Scarf– B BOS- Bir Scarf in Grey @ Winter Trend 2014

Leggings– FY- Zipped Jeggings in black

Earmuffs- Maxi Gossamer- Furry Muffs in black @ Winter Trend 2014 

Shoes– Essenz- Vancouver gacha @ Winter Trend 2014

Pose– *EverGlow*- Frost poses @ Winter Trend 2014

Good to be Back

I am back!!! I had a nice lovely break from SL for a trip home to see my family and my in laws and I am actually glad it is over. Anyone who spends an extended period visiting family is always glad to see it come to an end and get back to the way things usually are. Visiting everyone is just exhausting! I am coming back to two new events starting on the 5th that I have to show you so I wanted to do a quick snap of this dress by D-style which will be available at Winter Trends 2014. I also came back just in time to hit up the last black friday sales and to find out that TRUTH will be having an in world store sale of 50% off till December 15th! So many good things going on in SL lately and I am glad to be coming back at just the right time. During my away time I have had a lot of time to think about my future in SL and I will be happy to share that with you in a few weeks when things settle down a little. So for my quick welcome home and then back to business… it is great to be back 🙂 TOOTLES


Skin– Lara Hurley- Fae in natural dark

Eyes– {SONG}- Yuki Ice eyes

Hair– TRUTH– Aida (50% off in world store till Dec 15th)

Dress–  D-Style- Baggy knit sweater @ Winter Trend 2014

Shoes– Essenz- Houston boots @ L’accessoires till Dec 8th