Welcome and thank you for taking a look at one of the biggest parts of my SL. I have spent nearly 2 full years considering doing a blog but had no idea how I would start or if anyone would look at it, but I finally struck up the nerve and gave it a go. I now can’t imagine my SecondLife without it. I get into a deep blogging mode and it is pretty much my go to place all the time. I have always told myself that if I do blog, I would blog what I feel is fair. You can guarantee that if I blog an item or place, it will be a positive blog post on that item or place. The catch is that I do not blog what I do not feel to be a good. No offense to anyone, but each persons opinion is different on what they believe to be a great item or an awesome place to visit. I blog what I love! Also, I like to think my style is a little different. I am not an English major nor do I care to be. I write how I feel as I feel it. It may come out jumbled up and might not make sense, but that is me and an honest representation of how I see things. I hope you enjoy my finds in SL as much as I do. TOOTLES!

~ Tessa

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