Celebrate the Spring

Being away from Second Life for 2 months feels more like being away for 6 months to a year. So much happens and so many things change in just this short period of time. Among things that change are friends and relationships. People come and go so easily and time away only makes the distance that much further. People get jobs and times change when they are online. People move into different times zones and are online at different times where you never see them. This is life and part of life in SL is new and different sims changing all the time.

Rock with me a while

Among these sims is Everlong. I’m not really sure if Everlong was around before I left for my break or not. I just discovered this lovely place recently when I returned and asked a friend what was new. He pointed out a few sims, but this one caught my eye. There use to be an old sim about 3 years ago that was completely water. I do not even recall the name. It had different scenes set up everywhere and was probably my favorite of all locations to visit. When it closed, I was so upset and hoped to find something similar one day. Everlong is as close as I think I am going to get. It has a few scenes set up close together, and is filled with water!


I wanted to share a few photographs of some of the scenes. If you want to see the rest, then I encourage you to go and visit for yourself. I am sure there are tons of photos that could be taken in this beautiful sim. I only had about an hour to enjoy the area, so I am sure I will be back to take many more photos in the future.


As far as my blog will go, I am not really sure. I don’t want this to just be another fashion blog. I also don’t want this to be a constant thing that I need to post or do. After all, blogging is suppose to be fun right? Before I left I had lost the fun from this. It felt more like a job and I think the creative feeling had left me as well. I think I will write more about my photos and inspiration. I will credit, but it won’t be because I have to. No sponsors here! Till I find the inspiration I am looking for you may just see some sim posts. Till next time… TOOTLES!



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