What Happens Behind Closed Doors Never Stays There

What happens behind closed doors never stays there

What I am about to say has absolutely nothing to do with the photo or what I am blogging. I got curious about a few things today. First, I was looking around on my Facebook and saw that quite a few people were posting about this Ashley Madison list that has been published. This list contains the names of men and women who signed up to cheat on their spouses. I kind of feel like this ties in with the post I did just a few days ago about married people in SL. How do these two tie into each other?

Like I said, I got curious and decided to check and see if there was someone that I knew on that list. Thankfully my spouse wasn’t on it; however, I did find a few names of people that I know on this list. The emotions immediately started to flood of embarrassment for the families of the ones on this list. I mean this has been published millions of times and there is no telling how many people have read it. The other kicker is that the number one state that had the highest amount of cheaters is Alabama. This happens to be where I am from. I kind of feel like this is the case because people that I know in the south are more inclined to stay with their spouse from religious reasons than to do what is best and just end things in a divorce. Is this an excuse for the names being on the list? NO! I felt for the kids who will see their parents names on this list in the future. Some things go away and others tend to linger a little longer and I see that this might be one of those times where it doesn’t just pass with the next news story.

The next main thought was how is this list really any different from SL. What would happen if a list of people who cheated in SL and lied came out to the public. OUCH! Now I am not saying that this will happen or that we should all be terrified, but it was one of my main thoughts. Probably because I have heard so many opinions in the last few days about married people in SL. My first post had nothing to do with relationships that were sexual in SL, but I did have a few people who tried to spin it this way. Either they didn’t read what I actually wrote or they wanted to interpret things to their liking. Either way, something that I learned is that no matter what you say or do in SL people will always try to accuse you of doing wrong or lying. I can tell you the truth till I am blue in the face, but because someone once did lied to them then everyone who is like that person is a liar as well. The common factor you ask? We could both be married in RL. The simple fact is that with the events of this list, I think that we all should do a little bit of self reflection and realize that no one is perfect and even though your name isn’t on this Ashley Madison site, you could have done something equally as wrong at some point. It may not even be related to cheating in this way, but who are we to throw sticks and stones at others? Just a few thoughts and I hope this will make some stop and think about posting and sharing this list. TOOTLES


Skin: Swallow– Roberta TMP head applier

Body: Maitreya– Lara Mesh Body

Eyes: Buzz– Bewitched eyes in ocean

Hair: TRUTH– Randa

Dress and headpiece: Salt and Pepper- Audrey @ Vintage and Cool Fair 2015


One thought on “What Happens Behind Closed Doors Never Stays There

  1. I had never even heard of this site and your thoughts on SL relations are the same as mine. It’s why, even when I was single i’ve never had a SL relationship. The difference between the two, to me, is the SL ONE really has more inherent risk to the cohabitants of the relationship because with the Ashley one, you know exactly what you are signing up for, the SL one can be murky and mired with slight truths and dirty dog lies.

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