Hair Fair Begins… SOON!

Hair Fair 2015 begins soon!

The Hair Fair begins on July 11th and it is this time of year that I get on the edge of my chair with my face in the computer screen and my eyes widening with all the wonder before me.

If you haven’t heard before on my blog… I am a hair addict! Majority of my inventory in Second Life happens to consist of only hair. I kinda of think that hair makes an outfit which is why I hardly add accessories. Hair is my accessory! I think we get to be extremely lucky to feed an addiction like hair and still be able to donate to such an amazing cause like Wigs for Kids. Every transaction that is made at the Hair Fair will donate a portion to Wigs for Kids. This has been the charity the past couple of years if I remember correctly. Another awesome thing about the Hair Fair is that on July 26th, we take off all the lovely hair we just bought and we wear a bandana. When you buy you bandana at the Hair Fair, you are donating that money straight to the Wigs for Kids Foundation. Completely Awesome!

You can gain additional information if you go look at the Hair Fair Blog. You can also join the demo group in world in order to get demos before you go to the fair so that you can limit your time shopping and even more people can get in to donate and feed their addiction.

The Fair will close on July 26th, so you get a couple of weeks to get in and stock up on the newest hair trends and textures. TOOTLES


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