Happy Birthday SL!

Happy Birthday SL!

I wanted to pop on here really fast and snap a photo for two reasons. First, FINESMITH is having their Summer Anthem hunt. This hunt is incredible and such a steal. You might as well call this a sale honestly because there are 12 different items spread around the store. You need to hunt for golden feathers which isn’t too hard. The items are 10L all the way to 150L, which if you know FINESMITH, that is an incredible deal! I had to hurry to tell you because you only have until the 26th of June to do this hunt. Not much time so you need to hurry! Also, SL is having it’s twelfth birthday and we are all invited! I really like this years set up so much better. Really incredible creators are there including this set built by A Cozy SecondLife. I will be doing a few photos around the event coming up so be on the look out! Ok, I need to get back to looking around so TOOTLES!


Skin and Head: Swallow- Roberta TMP applier @ Alice in Sexyland

Hair: TRUTH– Bronwyn

Dress and Jewelry: FINESMITH- Godess dress and jewelry @ Summer Anthem Hunt at FINESMITH

Photo location: SL12B @ A Cozy SecondLife


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