Too much this week

Weekly Tea Party

This week needs to end and I am so happy it is Friday! I can’t really explain in full why this week was horrible but just a few top things…. My dad had a heart attack on Monday, so I have not been around. I did have a few blogs ready to go already which I could post when I randomly was able to get on; however, my computer died on Wednesday as soon as I was going to post my next blog. I went to purchase a new computer and have just now gotten it set up to where I can post a blog. I ended up losing all of my photos that I had previously done so… starting over is such a pain! Being “down” for even just a day was too much lol! I am just over the week! I hope everyone else had a better week and I wanted to start showing a little more from the Alice in Sexyland that I haven’t gotten to open yet. Enjoy and TOOTLES!


Skin and Head: Swallow- Roberta TMP head applier @ Alice in Sexyland

Body: Maitreya– Lara mesh body

Hair: Vanity Hair: Mirror Games @ Alice in Sexyland

Hat: Scenes- TimeKeeper unisex top hat in silver @ Alice in Sexyland

Rings: Diamante- Tea Party Ring Set @ Alice in Sexyland

Outfit: The Little Bat- The Hatter Outfit @ Alice in Sexyland


5 thoughts on “Too much this week

  1. I’m sorry your week has been such a fecker… I’ve taken to putting my raw pics on flickr (unpublic, of course) as backup these days and re-downloading them when I am ready to photoshop them. But I don’t know how much you have on your computer, if you keep your IRS returns and on your computer you might want to have a portable hard disc too. Anyway, I hope your dad is feeling better and wish him a happy father’s day! Love on him good Tessa, this is my second father’s day without my dad and I really wish he was still here. Have a lovely weekend! ❤

    • Thank you Cao! I will have to start doing the Flickr add as private I guess. I have it set up on my computer in a certain folder for uploads but guess its not a good set up when the whole thing crashes! It was a good computer for four years lol. RIP!

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