Lost but Found

Lost but Found

People spend their whole lives searching for things. I must admit I search for my keys more than anything else sometimes. Others search for a purpose. A meaning needs to be behind everything that is done for them to feel like what they are doing is worth it. Someone said to me this week that they aren’t sure why they log into Second Life anymore. It really made me start to examine my own intentions for being in this world. I think we all come to SL for the same reason. We might feel a tad bit lost. Lost could mean that your bored or that your maybe looking for something to happen out of the normal. Personally I came here because I was a little bored. I was looking for something that I could consider a hobby. I enjoy computer games so why not? Then I eventually found blogging and I have to say that my second life became a little more open for me. I kind of encourage people to find that nitch that they were seeking. Mine was blogging, but that doesn’t mean it is for everyone. It may take some time, but it is worth finding what excites you. TOOTLES!


Skin and head: Swallow- Roberta TMP applier with elegant lipstick @ Alice in Sexyland

Body: Maitreya– Lara Mesh Body

Hair: MINA- Guusje @ FaMESHed

Bow: Astralia- My Own Ribbon w/ color change hud @ Alice in Sexyland

Necklace: Astralia- Drink me Necklace @ Alice in Sexyland

Dress: WAYNE- Mia dress in blue @ Alice in Sexyland


4 thoughts on “Lost but Found

  1. When I came to Second Life it out of boredom from maxing and capping most mmos…and found myself immersed in the Samurai world here. I made a clan and met up with talented peeps in clan and gave them opportunity to build, create/design, and even help organize tournaments and even open a gallery. Today I do much of the same – friends and SL family have a sense of purpose and belong as they build etc and have a sense of community. I meet new people all the time with whom I embrace and encourage friendships and dialogue. Someone told me once that SL fills a need – which is personal. I enjoy giving those around me a sense of community and home – this in turn gives them grounding to find their niche☺️

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