Someone That I Use To Know

Just when you think you know someone… WOW! I mean there are worse things in life than a white lie but when that lie turns into another lie and another one and then all of a sudden you lie about people you don’t even know or things that never happened.. major things! Just to get attention? How does one begin to even think about this. It is one thing coming from someone you might have little invested in. Do you invest in your relationships in SL? I mean do you put time and effort into them. Can you name your longest friend in SL? It is harsh when a person you have loved and cherished for so long in SL has done nothing but lie. It has taken me a little bit to process this information. How someone you have trusted could take that trust and twist it around. Things lied about weren’t just little white lies anymore. It is probably still too early to write about all of this. The sting from all of this runs so deep and yet its easy for that person to throw things away with no explanation. A why answer from that person would be wonderful. Maybe explain how they could turn to be such a vial human being. Is this what SL has become for some people? Just a place to come and hang out but never to get close and never to just be honest and real with others. I look at this like yes, I am a person behind a screen. My anonymity is wonderful because I can be REAL. You don’t like the real me then take it or leave it but it is me. Why others choose to use that anonymity for horrible reasons is beyond me. My shopping therapy took on a whole new meaning this week with the sudden changes going on. Maybe I was a little bit too mindless and bought a little too much, but your not in my inventory to tell 😛 More shopping for me in time so enjoy! TOOTLES


Skin: CandyDoll- Lucy (only made for complete mesh bodies) @ AnyBody Event

Body: Maitreya– Lara Mesh Body

Head: TheMeshProject– Classic deluxe

Hair: Tableau Vivant- Pretty reckless @ Collabor88 

Outfit- Sweet Temptations- Funny Girl Classic @ The Garage Designer Fair (April 26th)

Shoes- Essenz- Tripoli flats (slink and maitreya add on) @ Shiny Shabby


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