Fantasy Faire 2015

Welcome to the 2015 Fantasy Faire! I have to first say, this was a labor of love for those who spent so much time and energy into making these beautiful Sims. I took a full day touring through each and every one of them to appreciate the efforts to create a beautiful shopping experience for us in order to promote such a cause like Relay for Life.

Do you know what Relay for Life is? You probably have heard people speak about what it means to relay; however, have you ever really looking into what the meaning is. Relay for Life partners with the American Cancer Society in the hopes of one day completely eradicating caner. The point is to save lives!! I will do my “Why I Relay” post a little later on, but I first wanted to introduce to you what you can do in SL to participate.

We all shop right? The Fantasy Faire 2015 is like mos fairs. They have designers with venders just like most fairs. What makes this fair different is the love and time that went into creating such amazing sims, and also the types of venders that are used. Where you see a Relay for Life vender, a portion of the proceeds that you pay for that item will go to the American Cancer Society. There are several events like this throughout SL every year, but none as large as The Fantasy Faire. Below, you can see an underwater area with different portals. Each one of these will take you into another sim with more items to purchase to help this cause.
Fairelands Junction Sponsored by Cerridwen’s Cauldron
Fairelands Junction Sponsored by Cerridwen’s Cauldron

As you enter into these lands, I encourage you to be generous and give. Even if you do not find an item you wish to buy (almost impossible) you can find donation stands all around each of the sims. I have included a photo for each Sim that is involved and the Landmark to that sim. Feel free to take photos and share your experiences with us all. You can also join the Fantasy Faire Flickr group in order to see items and to post photos of your own from around the event. Please help share the word about the Fantasy Faire and I hope to see you there! TOOTLES
Aurora Sponsored by NeoVictoria
Ichi-go Ichi-e Sponsored by The Looking Glass
Odyssey Sponsored by Fallen Gods. Inc.
Sylvan of Spells Sponsored by Merchants of Dreams
Spires of Andolys Sponsored by Dwarfins
Tangleshimmer Grove Sponsored by The Roawenwood
Vallacia Sponsored by Epic Toy Factory
Wildehaven Marsh Sponsored by Solarium
YoZakura Sponsored by Fuubutsu Dou
YoZakura Sponsored by Fuubutsu Dou
Poseidon's Abyss~ Arts and Entertainment
Poseidon’s Abyss~ Arts and Entertainment
Ravenshold ~ The Lost Land Hunt
Ravenshold ~ The Lost Land Hunt
Poppetsborough Sponsored by Dandelion Daydream Factory

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