Freebies and Weekly Reflection

I am a tad behind this week on my weekly reflection to be able to get this one out like I usually do on Fridays. So much has been happening and I kind of wanted to share it with everyone. I have had more clients this week for photography than usual, so my blogging has been slightly put on the back burner. Also, I was in a couple of videos with my fiance. If you want to check out the videos you can visit his website. Some pretty amazing videos really and I promise I am not bias! Also, my family as a whole have been on a role for the past couple of weeks with photos and shoots for magazines. If you want to check out their photos… you can go to their Flickr pages… Tempest and Anderian. If you want to take a look at their blogs, the link is in some of their photos as well. I also had the privilege of going exploring with my in laws! Just the sister in law, brother in law, and nieces. My soon to be niece Jordyn is just awesome and gave me links to some really nice freebies that can be found in SL. I tell her she should start a blog but what do I know right? lol She was so sweet to let me share these with everyone here as well. Who doesn’t love some freebies.

Soonsiki Hair – free to join
Alice Project– L$750 join fee with many group gifts and new midnight mania boards each month
[Entwined]– free to join
Faboo– free to join

 If you have any questions about these few that I showed you now please let me know. Maybe I can talk her into starting some freebie posts here. A shopper after my own heart <3. Well this was my fabulous week and hope you had an amazing one as well! TOOTLES

P.S. had to throw in a photo of my handsome man in his The Shops mesh head and body (no editing was done to this photo) 🙂


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