Kicks Back and Relaxes

Not every day that I can officially say someone made a shoe for ME! If you have not seen my Pintrest account yet… I have a nice collection of things that I just love. RL and SL are both listed and it is more like a wish list for stuff I wish I owned in RL. I also have a collection of other bloggers there that have posted and I just fell in love with their items. Well… I have been bugging Senzation for a while… telling her I have all these shoe ideas and she is just like… yeah yeah Tess looks nice! Well low and behold I HAVE A SHOE FROM MY PINTREST BOARD!!! Yes I am shouting it because I am so flipping excited. I pinned a shoe like this and she made it 🙂 If I see you around SL and I start screaming at you that you are wearing my shoe, I promise I am just really excited to see you in these shoes. These shoes are named Belize and you can find these gorgeous beauties at the current round of My Attic which ends January 31st. There are 6 different colors for you, but I picked my favorite for this photo! It is also an add on for Slink mid feet. Also, I want to add that Essenz is having a sale in her mainstore till February 2nd. All single color shoes are 50% off and all fatpacks are 30% off. NEW SHOES!!!! Alright…. I am done being excited about my new shoes for the next five minutes, I promise…. TOOTLES!


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