Hot Mess #SecondLifeProblems

I have promised myself that I would start trying to participate in Strawberry’s Monday Memes. I was completely tickled pink to see that this week’s post was about #SecondLifeProblems. I have seen so many people posting things and some I can relate to and others I am left scratching my head and saying that this never happens to me. I read the description of the blog post and OMG I had no issues knowing exactly which one mine would be.

I know this happens to other people! Mostly women I think, but it has probably happened to you at one point in your SL life even if it was a small folder. When I get dressed in SL, I detach everything that i am wearing and its basically like starting from scratch. Like a new clothing fabric painting every time I decide I want to dress or style. Well… the Detach all and wear all button on a folder is very close… and I use a laptop so my finger slips and BAM I am the beautiful hot mess that you see above. If this has happened to you, you have to detach and then more adds on and then detach again and relog and character retest and then another relog. If you see me going off and online a lot then this is more than likely what happened. I have done this so often that a few friends have come over to take screenshots of my hot messness. I always like to make a game out of it. Can turn anything into a good thing right? A skill test for those who like to be able to recognize hair by just looking at it, so I always like to play “Name That Hair” when this happens. Can you pick some of these out in the photos yourself? Now, I need to remind everyone that I have about 10k worth of hairs in my inventory. No Lie! It is my obsession in SL and am proud to say I own just about every hair I have come across. Who knows… I may NEED this hair for something. Hoarder possibly? Stop judging me! well this is my major problem in SL… one that definitely doesn’t apply in RL! Have a great day and dont forget to check out Berry’s blog linked above and the Flickr group which will have many many more posts I am sure! Had a BLAST! TOOTLES.


Skin: {AIMI}–  Emily in Natural with Maitreya mesh body applier

Body: Maitreya– Lara Mesh Body

Eyes: {S0NG}– Chibi cold eyes

Lipstick: Pink Fuel– Essential LIpsticks in red

Dress: Maitreya– Dakota dress in Emerald Chiffon

Hairs: This is your job to guess! ;P


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