I’m so Blue

I know everyone has had one of those blue days where nothing seems to go right. Today was that day for myself. Not to mention it is raining outside and just overall a nasty day. It isn’t even 6pm and I am tired already and want to just crawl in bed and pull the sheets over my head. Has that Blue song that Leann Rhymes sings in my head.  But instead… I am here blogging because it is my outlet. Even when nothing seems to be right about things I know I can come here. So….. I just wanted to let everyone know that pretty much all the major events in SL began today. You have Kustom9, The Secret Affair, The Liaison Collaborative, ohhh crap I know I am missing something. Project Limited began today as well and of course there are a few fairs to be mentioned in all of this. The Luxury Haute Couture Fashion Fair 2015 began today. Gosh long name for a long line of fabulous designers. The dress I am wearing is from *Preptopia* and there will only be 100 copies per color of dress. That isn’t very many so I suggest you go and visit the fair as soon as you can. Maybe go there while you wait on all the other sims to not be so full! I always try to plan my shopping trips this way. Call me weird if you like 😛 More shopping for me now though so enjoy and TOOTLES!


Skin: Glam Affair – Coral skin in Jamaica

Hair: Magika- Mint

Dress: *Preptopia* – Old Hollywood gown in Blue @ Luxury Haute Couture Fashion Fair 2015


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