Monkey Around


Let’s monkey around! No really.. that’s what I have done this week in SL. I have been busy in RL and not really felt much like coming online and working on a post… but this was fun for me. I wanted to do Berry’s Meme for the week, but it seems everywhere I went people were afk or not wanting to be bothered. Instead… I was asked to go take a look at a sim with my other half and I didn’t expect to land on a tropical island. We landed on a cute dock to take a boat to the main island, but decided to boat around a little first. The LICK sim is such a lovely change from all the snow we have been seeing all over the grid. 


The very first thing you will notice is obviously its GREEN! Like I stated above, no snow to be found here and what a relief. What you will find though, are a ton of animals… there is something at every spot here and it is just a beautiful sim to relax on. We ended up getting stuck at the firepit area before it was time to log out, so we didn’t really get to finish exploring that night. I went back and I just had to take a photo for a post this week to use. If you are up for something different then please go take a look at this amazing design!


Skin: Glam Affair– Cleo Jamaica

Body: Maitreya– Lara mesh body

Hairs: Exile- Windsong @ Collabor88

Makeup: .HoD.– Deardriu Face Paint

Dress: [Fifi & Trixi]- Speranza Dress @ Designer Showcase

Shoes: [Fifi & Trixi]- Giana Plaform Heels @ Designer Showcase


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