My Dirty Little Secret

I am sure we have all heard of the SL Secrets website that has been posting, name calling, and dragging people through the dirt. Every week people post things anonymously about things they dislike in SL. When did SL become so important to do this for? Lately Facebook has become just as bad as this ugly website. People calling others out over drama and things that don’t really matter. In the long term… what will all of this accomplish? I see good people either sick over all of it or being sucked into it themselves. I hear reasons and all it sounds like is that WANK WANK sound that use to be on the old Charlie Brown shows. If you don’t know what I am talking about then just imagine, k? So here are my dirty little secrets before it ends up on fb or a some random website with some hateful people…

I am not perfect! That is my number one and really the only secret, which I guess isn’t a secret at all. No one is perfect and no one has the right to call ANYONE out on their stuff. Just because you feel you have a reason for it still doesn’t give you a right. I guess this could go for many things going on right now. If you aren’t on any of these social media sites then be thankful that you don’t have to read the drama going on, but this can still apply to anything that you do. You can see the wrong being done… you can learn from it and not do it yourself. You don’t HAVE to call someone out and you don’t have to choose to be bitter. I am preaching to myself as well because I have been just as bad before. I sometimes want people to see the error of their ways and I stick my foot in my mouth all the time. I am not perfect!!! There is a chapter in Matthew in the Bible that really has been a haunting stepping stone for me. It basically says do not point out the stick in someones eye when you have a beam in your eye. Basically stop being a dang hypocrite! Rise above and learn something from all of this. Be real and be who you are and not someone who is fake. Fake being pretending to be someone your not… fake also means being sweet in front of someone and then talking about them in private badly… fake can even mean that fake smile you put on because you don’t want anyone to know the truth of who you are or what your really doing. People seem to be very sneaky in SL and instead of guarding yourself to the point that your alone, it is best to just be open and trust until you have a reason not to. I am sure many think I am stupid for feeling that way, but it really has been the only way to move on from the hurt. Not everyone is out to hurt you and its the misfortune to come into contact with those that do hurt and cause pain. As I have heard someone say to me before… Do not let someone else define who you are as a person and do not lower yourself to something less because of someone else.

My take from is to drop the drama and move on.. learn to smile and be happy! Those who say they drop the drama but continue to post or make comments on it haven’t really dropped it at all.. you add fuel to the fire. Learn to have some respect for others opinions and take others feelings into consideration. It doesn’t hurt to have a little compassion even if others haven’t had it for you before. This isn’t an eye for an eye type of situation. Also, if you wonder why people do not want you involved in their company or doings in sl, then you should probably look and see what you are spewing. If all people hear are hateful mean rude things then of course they won’t want to associate with you! Learn from this and move on! I felt like adding my opinion of all this stuff on Facebook would only add even more fuel so I just posted it in my blog like everything else. I may want to also note that I am on cold medication and I can’t be held liable if all my words don’t make much sense. Just saying… TOOTLES!


Skin: Glam Affair- Amberly II in Jamaica @ The Chapter Four

Body: Maitreya– Lara mesh body

Lipstick: Pink Fuel– Red Essential Lipsticks

Eyes: {S0NG}– Chibi Cold Eyes

Hair: Magika– Lemon

Nose Ring: Soonsiki- New Age Septum Rings @ The Mens Dept.

8 thoughts on “My Dirty Little Secret

  1. I agree with you totally, Tessa, but in a way, you DID add your two cents. But the point is, it is OK, to have an opinion, whether it’s the popular one or not, whether SL is important or not. I very seldom add anything, not even a single word to a drama. Would I have called this person out again given the aftermath that ensued? I truly can’t say I wouldn’t. Sure, in a way, it may be none of my business, but in a bigger way, it was. I am basically a ghost in SL but I WAS/AM directly involved with the organization that this person received a hefty sum of US dollars for, and what was done was ethically bad on any business scale. I believe, actually I KNOW, I handled it without name calling, slandering, or any thing other than politeness. Some people run around thinking their actions are invisible, I merely pointed out they were not. The rest, as they say, will be dealt with by attorneys. I’ve not said anything, to anyone except what was said in public at that time and as I maintained the entire time, had the roles been reversed I would have called the other party to the carpet as well. I agree with your blog wholeheartedly, and thank you for posting something that truly needed to be said.

    • Ok see… I have no idea what your talking about! That is sad considering there has been so many things being said or done it’s overwhelming. I guess I can say I am glad I missed this one too. And of course I added my two cents! I am not perfect lol 😛 I can honestly say i didnt know it would apply to your situation, but I also don’t see the point in continuing to drag people through the mud on social media sites. I wish to point out we need to be positive and uplifting because we never know what others could really be going through. Someone once said to me that they came to SL to enjoy and get away from the drama so when they see it they just want to throw a big ball of positive at the people and watch them freak out because they lack so much of it they don’t know what to do when they see positive comments or feedback. I had to giggle at the thought but it is true. I have no doubt that you handled yourself properly in your situation. You always know the right thing to say and I flubber around till something makes sense lol. Thank you for your thoughts ❤

      • okay, then if you are talking about the “trolling in general” oh my gosh, totally agree! (not that I didn’t agree before) I often wonder who these peoples parents are! lol My mom would have boxed my ears and washed my mouth out with soap with some of the mean spirited comments that get flung around! It totally amazes me, I mean, how can you spew so much hate at a person you can’t actually know due to social medias layer of anonymity. There is no way they can know what the person on the other end is going through! Again, thanks for the post because I did and still do agree with all you said. Have a happy weekend gorgie girl! ❤

      • I feel like doing those things to myself when I read those comments. Washing your eyes out after reading would probably hurt though. I think it shows the insecurities of the people commenting even more so as well. If we could all just get along! You have a fabulous weekend too sweetie ❤

    • Becky that is a fabulous and very informative post! I hate taking credit for sending you there yet again lol. I feel like I was gearing my post more towards people moving the hating over to Facebook more instead of that site. I logged in to more drama than I can even comprehend and trying to keep up with people and be involved is hard when you do not want to be a part of all of that. Sadly, the unfollow button is getting too much action from me these days. What irks me the most is people who do not even know the situation or the people involved jumping in and claiming they know whats going on based on comments or posts. What would things be like if we all minded our own business? lol Thank you for your thoughts Becky ❤ they are always welcome!

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