Merry Christmas

The past week has been a start of a new journey for myself. I rarely write too much about my RL, but I felt it was time to explain a little of what has been going on with me. I found out that my RL spouse will be deploying this coming year and I am in the process of moving homes in the process. I am on and off a lot lately because of this and I am going to be working on cutting back on blogging. I will be starting a job as well on top of all of this in the new place I will be living, so even less time for Second Life. I think during this time I will consider a “re-branding”. Maybe open up a different wordpress and all to represent this new part of my life. These are just thoughts that I have been having which I can’t be 100 percent sure aren’t just emotional outburst over my life being picked up and dropped like something Dorothy experienced in Wizard of Oz… this time there is no witch that I landed on… I checked! I should be use to this with the military life and it certainly is not the first deployment but with each one comes challenges. This will be the first once since we have had a son. The thoughts of how to tell him that his dad won’t be here next Christmas just make me cringe. For all the people who thought we were “pulling out” over there… you are dead wrong and have no idea what the government does when your not looking. I am sure there are people who actually believe the many politicians who fill your head with things like oh this is what we are really doing when behind the scenes things look drastically different. I am not here to get in a debate with you over these things… you can believe what you like and I will live the truth of the matter. I am here to explain that until things calm down you can expect to hear less of me during the week. Blogging daily has been a routine for me that I can no longer keep up with, but I am not stopping completely. Blogging is a part of who I am in SL and will always be that way, but the way I blog will just be different. By the time I return to blogging… Christmas will be over… So Merry Christmas to all and Happy Holidays! I will fill everyone in as things progress on my end…. stay safe and TOOTLES


SkinBelleza– Yasmin Christmas group gift

HairTRUTH– Snow

DressDead Dollz– Ozymandias Christmas gown



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