It Melted

AHHH…. Someone quick HELP!!! My snowman is melting and not really sure why. It’s still fridged outside and I am ready for this to be over… what about yall? anyway… I am writing today because it is my A-day. Sometimes when I tell people this they look at me funny and then I have to explain this is my adoption day. The day my parents took me home for the first time. I have to say, I get the most weird looks even with my funny name for it. No, I am not sensitive about being adopted… my parents have always taught me that it means I am extra special. They found me after many many years of looking. Yes, I am open and excited about this day because it is special to me. No telling where I would be or who I would have become without my parents influence on me. I might not know the meaning of a melted snowman might mean. Loads of fun to be had building it that might not have come if I hadn’t of been adopted. I was lucky… and many are not. I am currently going to school for social work to help change this fact and I am sure most have heard me complain about how busy school is and it will only get worse as I enter the majority of my social work classes. I am actually humbled and nervous about my future career. I do hope it will make a difference with the fact that I have been where they are. Only time will tell! I just want to show them that even though they may stand alone like I am alone in this photo, they are never really alone. There is my “let you into my life” moment for the month. Just about enough for now. I can’t overload yall! TOOTLES


Shoes- Essenz- Montreal @ L’accessoires

Snowman- Image Essentials- It Melted (actually has a pose but I used it as a background piece) @ Winter Trend 2014


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