Wrap Me In Lights

 The true test of a couple is to get through decorating… if its a house or for christmas… its a test! The decisions over what type of decorations or even where to put them are sometimes the hardest decisions. It is one thing to make that choice on your own and then change it in the longer run, but when you have to consider someone else… pfft forget the selfish single decorating. It is hard not to want to tie the other with lights and leave them there till it’s done. I thought this pose by RACK Poses was just perfect for your decorating needs. This is about how I felt the entire time… just wanting to lay down and rest. Glad to say the decorating on this end is finished… but just in case you are doing some last minute decorations yourself… RACK Poses has these adorable poses at Winter Trend 2014 that I know you will just love. The one pictured above is called He Has My Heart. Looks like he has me wrapped around his finger as well. Enjoy! TOOTLES

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