Step Into the Light


Come to the Kawaii vs. Creepy Gacha Event and win your halloween costume! I am in love with this… creepy yet sexy all in one! The boots are for high slink feet as well and have amazing textures. This is just what I need this week… a distraction and to play something besides the normal. I have learned this week that even though we want something so bad… it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is right for us. Just because we pretend that things work doesn’t mean that they do. So from now on… for the next week at least… I am making a vow to say nothing negative. Those who hear me say something negative have free will to slap me upside the head if they like. I have got to have a more positive outlook on things. It is not only a necessity for myself, but it is the key to a healthy lifestyle and relationships with people. I saw someone do this a while back… really pushed themselves to be positive and it had a good effect on them. I am challenging you all to the same thing! Take a full week and say nothing negative towards someone. Hopefully this will open my eyes to just how negative I can sound sometimes when not thinking before I speak. So on the upcoming days of creepy outfits and haunted things… I will creep in the light? Positive light. Does that even sound right? No clue! TOOTLES

P.S. Please no one take advantage of me being nice for the week… I do not want to break this!



Skin– Lara Hurley- Fae in natural dark

Eyes– IKON- Hope Eyes in Nymph

HairTruth– Demelza

Full Outfit w/ makeup– Stelloane- Dracula Black outfit RARE @ Kawaii vs. Creepy Gacha Event


3 thoughts on “Step Into the Light

  1. this hair is much better with this outfit and where are you ? cute place i like the little person with the rain gear in the background. I already told you i love the boots! nice post 🙂

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