Who said a women can’t have a flashback? We certainly have hot flashes, but that’s not quite the same as what I am referring to. When I dress in cutesy things, I always feel like I am reverting back to my childhood when my hair was in pigtails and my braces still got caught on my gums (most annoying thing ever!!!). You can have some flashbacks to your childhood also at the  Kawaii vs. Creepy Gacha Event which opens later today. More so on the Kawaii side unless you celebrated Halloween on a serious level or something. That is something I will be doing very sooooooon… but till then happy shopping this weekend! It is going to be AMAZEBALLSSSSS! TOOTLES


Skin– Lara Hurley- Scarlett in Midtone

Eyes– IKON- Hope Eyes in Nymph

Hair– .EMBW. Taf Hair @ Kawaii vs. Creepy Gacha Event

Dress– PurpleMoon Creations- Keiko Sweater in Dark Grey @ Kawaii vs. Creepy Gacha Event

Stuffed Animals– Suicide Gurls- Shizune toy pets @ Kawaii vs. Creepy Gacha Event


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